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    Selecting new items to remove?

    Ah, I ended up giving up on firefox, and switched to Vivaldi and the issue went away...
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    Selecting new items to remove?

    Ah, thanks for the hint. Poking around some more in firefox I turned off all of the add ons and it started started working correctly again. Some binary on off and figure out it was Ghostery causing me a headache... Thanks!
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    I got some awesome enamel pin commisions

    The glowing is really cool
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    Selecting new items to remove?

    Hey, In the last week when I select new items to remove, but then click on something to look at it and then click back, all of my selected items are now unselected again? Not sure if this is due to a firefox update for something else? Anyone else notice this? I find it mildly annoying... Thanks
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    funny original jokes

    Whats Christopher Robin's favorite data structure from computer science? Winnie the Queue.... *Sound of a drum roll followed quickly by automatic gunfire!*
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    Where are you from?

    Michigan, and maybe someday, a Yupper! ;-)
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    Tea or Coffee??

    Hmmm...black tea with lots of honey...
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    Will all the asexual toasters please reply?

    Toaster?? http://www.roomies-comic.com/cgi-bin/roomies.cgi?date=20070105
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    How can you be a democrat?

    I have to be Democrat, we only have a 2 party system and I don't like the republicans. Besides the Democrats have the best joke. "I belong to no organized politcal party, I'm a Democrat!" W.R.
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    Best beverage you ever had?

    Chocolate Martini: 1 1/4 shot Good Vanilla Vodka 1/2 shot Kahlua 1/2 shot Baley's 1 shot Dark Godiva 1/2 shot Frangelico Shaken over ice, and then strained into glass
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    UC Davis Department of Psychology furry fandom survey

    Cool. A murder of ravens. A flood of furry fans!
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    Worst Beverage You've Ever Had?

    Not much wrong with beer, if you buy good stuff or make it yourself. Diet Pop is evil...tastes terrible, and gives me a headache.
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    UC Davis Department of Psychology furry fandom survey

    HHmmm...the survey is currently closed....
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    The truth about yiff...?

    Well, it used to be said that there were "Lies, damned lies, and Usenet!" Maybe it should now be "Lie, damned lies, and Wikipedia..." :twisted:
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    West Coast vs East Coast

    I like the middle...nice boring...no hurricanes, few earthquakes...
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    Movies that destoyed part of your soul

    Battlefield Earth
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    DVD collection?

    1. Night at the Opera : marx bros 2. The Pink Panther Strikes Again 3. Wings of Desire
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    Oh god, I have gotten older!

    Eat some dessert to celebrate! The older you get the less opportunity you'll have to do so... ;-)
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    I think we have a problem...

    "I hate Illinois Nazis...."
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    Favourite Ice Cream?

    Plain chocolate followed closely by "Cherry Garcia"...