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  1. fourur

    Non-American Furs

    i'm from europe, I guess there is someone with a wolf pic as a profile, whom asked where furs come from around the world, if I recall right he's a briton though. And he put a map with each point who represent one folk from the forum,I wonder how it goes now.
  2. fourur

    What inspired you to join the fandom?

    I see a buffet , then I come in and the people was warm, then , my family never found me from this very day.
  3. fourur

    Your opinion on Reddit?

    it"s day and night, I had some supportive responses here like I had really free nasty reply from people who just want to puke some negativity. Now I just lurk here and here, but don't get involved much, plus, it dosen't stop to disconnect me. wiche is not encouraging imo. and as users can...
  4. fourur

    other discord site like faf?

    does there is a site, or someting like faf for specific discord server invite?
  5. fourur

    Lucidum Vulpes Discord Server

    lol i have been banned , _ ,
  6. fourur

    Summer heat and misery discussion thread

    when you work outside, and you have to wear protective cloths due to the companie policies and have to carry some eavy boxes along the way, it's worse than being in the melon field.
  7. fourur

    (New) New Furry Server on Discord!

    no at all
  8. fourur

    coucou beau gosse ;3

    coucou beau gosse ;3
  9. fourur

    Your opinions on the connection between kinks and cartoons?

    viva cartoon network ! (and paws)
  10. fourur

    Subtle ways you express being a furry?

    I say owo at work and my co worker don't understand what it means, my guilty pleasure.
  11. fourur

    Your "day off"

    in my day off, I like to lay in bed and watch youtube until it's 11 PM and I need to fill my tax return before I get a fraud , or procrastinating to finnish the dark soul serie, then I hang out a lot on steam or gog.com to buy indies games ( come on they are easy level ) or I spend my time on...
  12. fourur

    hey , i don't hang out around here much, but i'm glad my joke make you laught, i see you...

    hey , i don't hang out around here much, but i'm glad my joke make you laught, i see you sometime here , you seems a gentle and kind guy , have fun ;3
  13. fourur

    Snuggle Inn discord server

    i don't understand, we need to be a shark tobe in?
  14. fourur

    Snuggle Inn discord server

    aww link expired
  15. fourur

    Would you spank the furry above you? (give reasons why if ya like!)

    everybody spank me, I don't want to walk anymore*bring wheelchair*
  16. fourur

    Little things you like?

    a bottle of fresh coca cola when I go back from home , dangerous driver who let me cross the road as a pedestrian , the sound when I open the fridge , when I sit down when I was standing up since 4 AM for eating my weggies.
  17. fourur

    Do you go to local fur meets? If so, what have your experiences been like?

    there no meet up near me, gptta take the plane one day to go at one.