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  1. Cam


  2. Cam

    -poke poke pokety poke-

    -poke poke pokety poke-
  3. Cam

    Favorite video games, favorite soundtracks?

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Alot of my songs have some sort of inspiration from the melodies of those songs. Chemical plant zone = Fucking Epic
  4. Cam

    What are y'all cooking today?

    Papa Gino's is making my dinner right now :>
  5. Cam

    FL Studio Users?

    That is the effect of changing the overall low or high frequency of the synths. Changing the low will give the very muffled sound you're thinking of, while the high will make it sound very condensed and compressed. Im still trying to figure out how to create a good method in creating this in...
  6. Cam

    How was your first kiss?

    Mine was with a girl I liked in 7th grade, so I was like 13. Technically I dont remember my first 'kiss', but I do remember my first 10 minute make out session xD
  7. Cam

    FL Studio Users?

    Reason 4 Cakewalk Sonar 7.0 Producer edition Pro Tools (Not sure what version) But of course my computer tanked with all this stuff on it, and the backup discs are at my managers house :I But im planning on upgrading to Reason 5 when I get a new computer to work on Im im pretty sure you can...
  8. Cam

    FL Studio Users?

    The only reason im using FL9 right now is because my home studio computer is down ;^; But I use it to brush up on my DJ and music producing skills... I never really save anything, I just kinda make a quick loop and re work it for hours. I love hoe easy it is to use, but I hate how it doesnt...
  9. Cam

    Would you rather be poor doing a job you love, or well off doing something you hate?

    Re: Would you rather be poor doing a job you love, or well off doing something you ha I would practically pay to do what I truely love, which would be to create productions for major artist concerts. But I seriously doubt that getting that high of a job would pay poorly
  10. Cam

    Schools out. Great, now what?

    Have as much innocent fun as you can before high school. Your idea of fun will be alot in a couple years
  11. Cam

    Requesting Song Recommendations

    Thats one of my favorite songs , btw :3
  12. Cam

    Requesting Song Recommendations

    Well if you like bass, and can tolerate a different sound, you should try dubstep. My personal favorite would be Skrillex.
  13. Cam

    Wait, wait. He thinks he got it right this time.

    Because slicing kids candy bags is nicer
  14. Cam

    Wait, wait. He thinks he got it right this time.

    No,no,no. There are easier ways of getting candy Simply steal the bowls of candy that stupid people leave out when they arent home
  15. Cam

    Wait, wait. He thinks he got it right this time.

    But then there will be no Halloween ;_;
  16. Cam

    Being stuck in a pickle

    Theres no way anyone who associates with me is going to heaven, thats already ruled out :V
  17. Cam

    Being stuck in a pickle

    Thats exactly what im doing.
  18. Cam

    Being stuck in a pickle

    Im kinda thinking that something came up. From what i've seen since I met him, its not really like him to be away from the computer for very long. I know he works alot, so im just figuring that something came up related to his work. I still have yet to talk to him too o.O
  19. Cam

    Being stuck in a pickle

    Yea I left, and just got back like 20 minutes ago. The highlight of my entire trip was watching a hobo talk to a coconut on the train ride home .-. He was a no show, as I kinda figured. But from the looks of it, he hasn't been online all day neither. Im feeling fine though. I suppose I can't...