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  1. Daze

    What would you do if your parents were furries?

    Mm the whole situation could be a very awkward mess. Yet I feel as though I should envy you for having a mother who is willing to accept your interests and even be curious about them all while still seeing the light and dark side of it. Either let her be part of the fandom like she wants...
  2. Daze

    animals you have not seen as a fursuit? odd choices you have seen?

    Hmm... How about a mole? I've not seen many birds. I don't think I've seen a red panda either. An iguana. Or very many reptiles for that matter. Or what about a beaver or a muskrat? Any gophers? Crabs? Lobsters D; ? Or aardvarks ;<. A specific one I'd love to see would be a Marabou Stork.
  3. Daze


    You're welcome ^^.
  4. Daze


    Originally I'd of thought to try to get them to stick to a hat, but seeing as though you want your hair to flow over them that would be out of the question.. And I'd think they'd be a couple of pounds if anything so a headband would obviously sag and possibly even tear or break depending on what...
  5. Daze

    About that CSI episode...

    Why thank you o:
  6. Daze

    About that CSI episode...

    I saw that episode. It's...expected retardation really. The CSI Episode can be called a dead horse, yet people still bring it up constantly and associate furries with it, so it's not completely dead...zombie horse perhaps. But the whole episode is just..so far out of reach it doesn't even...
  7. Daze

    *shyly waves*

    Greetings! I feel the need to stalk you on MSN now. Perhaps I shall add you later. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Daze

    Furry Survey 2009!

    I wish I could go to Cons, too expensive for my wallet and budget of $0s though. Anyway, I've succumb to your ways by providing you with a vote >.>.
  9. Daze

    Anthro's not based specifically on a known animal

    I've done so before. Made some sort of anthro-reptilian creature..I never thought of a species name or category though o.o.
  10. Daze

    One of the Universe's nearly impossible questions.

    Just in general, say a standard I suppose US tennis ball o.o. I'd say it's more green personally, but people think it's more yellow. Like so
  11. Daze

    One of the Universe's nearly impossible questions.

    Is a tennis ball green? Or yellow? I was just curious o:. Anybody?
  12. Daze

    Do you where glasses on when you sleep?

    Oh oh! When I had glasses I used to forget I had them on and fall asleep with them on quite often. I never broke nor bent them though, lucky me xD;. I used to lose them all of the time too. But yea, now I don't wear glasses, lucky lucky me :3.
  13. Daze

    Losing your virginity.

    Still a virgin, and when I followed my religious beliefs I believed in abstaining and waiting. Chastity alone saved my virginity when I was with someone who kept pressuring me for sexual favors, and thus I am no longer with them. Though I did get my first essential "kiss" with them even though...
  14. Daze


    Wow..I have so many fears..Hmm.. All bugs, stinging, flying, crawling, even spiders and scorpions freak me the hell out.. I fear heights, if I'm walking in my local mall I refuse to walk anywhere near the railing to look down below on the other floors..neh gives me goosebumps. Uh..I too fear the...
  15. Daze

    Seven Deadly Sins! (which is yours?)

    Strictly Wrath.
  16. Daze

    I made a fursuit.

    Excellent Fursuit for something you said you rushed o.o. As far as improvements, the eyes seem a bit too close together. You might want to space them out a bit more and make them larger to work so that you can still see. But otherwise, especially since you were going for cartoonish, it's very...
  17. Daze

    Favourite Video Game?

    Lineage 2. The only game I've been decently good at. But then I love most MMORPGs. I just tend to fail more at them. As far as counsel games go, I'd have to say Dynasty Warriors, that entire series is full of win even if the voice overs fail. What's more fun than hack and slashing your way...
  18. Daze

    what furry are you ? * points*

    *kicks thread alive again* OTHER! IE: Husky. White husky..with neon blue bangs o.o *points to avatar*
  19. Daze

    Insert Witty Title Here.

    Nice to meet you too Toxxy xD. And thanks, I colored/shaded it myself. And thanks Kaldach I will :3. <.<..*feeds the bear*
  20. Daze

    Insert Witty Title Here.

    Oh I didn't mean to ninja you though xD. I get ninja'd sometimes too. Um, well that makes a basic definition but apparently there's endless subcategories which have gotten me confused. But alas, I don't think anyone will eat me if I don't know all of them..I hope o.o;