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  1. sixfoot

    Looking to obtain couple art!

    Hi! You've got a fair few offers but if you were after something with a painterly style I could do a couple painting for around $95 depending on accesories and so on.
  2. sixfoot

    Copyrighted Characters

    It's completely illegal but it's something they usually turn a blind eye to - not worth their lawyers time to send out 10 thousand cease-and-desists. If someone is making a significant profit from conterfeit merch though? You can bet your ass they're on that. Guys, you are breaking the law if...
  3. sixfoot

    Hobbyist looking for critique to get better!

    Hey, here's an awesome illustrator talking about line weight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0zl5NnEAyU Sure it's vehicles but the same thing applies to characters too. Line weight is something you really have to get a feel for rather than learning a set of exact rules, but the gist of it...
  4. sixfoot

    Stone Painting Gloss Finish??

    Yeah anything with gloss in the name will result in a dark/shiny look. Dunno how feasible this is but maybe enamel varnish like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MATTE-VARNISH-CLEAR-HUMBROL-Enamel-Model-Paint-Topcoat-14ml-Tin-49-/360488147736 seems like it would work on stone and generally give a...
  5. sixfoot

    Clearing Confusion About "Closed Species" And "I Copyright This Species/Character"

    Re: Clearing Confusion About "Closed Species" And "I Copyright This Species/Character Good thread and OP :) I'm of two minds about this kind of stuff. On the one hand yes it its ridiculously babyish to whine about someone copying your green wolf or 'my style' or whatever, but on the other hand...
  6. sixfoot

    Learn burn, or stick to my usual method

    You're welcome >.< that's very diplomatic of you, I'm sorry for basically ruining your thread.
  7. sixfoot

    Learn burn, or stick to my usual method

    You win. Can we stop derailing this dude's thread now?
  8. sixfoot

    Learn burn, or stick to my usual method

    To be honest I forgot the cool white thing was even in this one, I watched it a couple of weeks ago now and thought it was in another colour video. If I'd remembered I would have mentioned it. Sorry? There's a reason the expression exists: know the rules so you can break them - it's because...
  9. sixfoot

    Learn burn, or stick to my usual method

    I just thought it would be better to teach the general rules then try to add all the tiny exceptions and confuse him. I did explain why not to burn, which is what he asked. My post was pretty long and I made an example pic for him from an artist that he likes and is trying to emulate. Even if...
  10. sixfoot

    Learn burn, or stick to my usual method

    Sycra's video is not perfect, yeah the cool white thing is wrong. Thing is, it can be watched in 40 minutes, is free, and is pretty clearly explained. I do actually use dodge/burn, but I think for someone just learning colouring it is absolutely a horrible temptation that should be avoided until...
  11. sixfoot

    Animation is hard (Critique Wanted)(NSFW)

    Oh o.o yes that's a penis... I see now. lol. Glad to be of service though.
  12. sixfoot

    Learn burn, or stick to my usual method

    Please do not use burn tool, especially for something subtle like skin tone. Your friend may use it but either it would look better coloured naturally or he's using a bunch of colour layers etc. as well to fix the damage done. What the burn tool does is wash out colour, driving everything...
  13. sixfoot

    Femboy Deer Commission ($100 Budget)

    Hi! This sounds really fun. I actually did a kind of similar character about a year ago (NSFW-nudity): http://i.imgur.com/L3OiPdM.jpg Though he's more muscly than you'd want probably. I could do a similar level ref sheet for around $90, or I actually have regular commissions open right now as...
  14. sixfoot

    Artist wanted for commission.

    Hiya For $40 you could get a really complex/coloured sketch from me or a speedpaint. Depending on what the story is like a speedpaint might be good? This is what one looks like: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11947941/ I just opened so if you did want to do this just grab a slot in my...
  15. sixfoot

    Animation is hard (Critique Wanted)(NSFW)

    This is honestly pretty good, apart from as you said the tail movement. It also feels like you could work on the speed variation a bit, like when she's spinning she whizzes around it really fast at a uniform speed, where in reality there would be slowing down at the right and left extremes...
  16. sixfoot

    Realistic commissions open from $15

    Hi you guys, I'm currently open for commissions. Everything from $15 shaded sketches up to full illustrations are available. 5 slots opened today and will be completed within the next week. Please check out the commissions tab of my page for prices and more information...
  17. sixfoot

    RT Mixed Sketchbook

    Here you go, this is probably the single most useful technique for foreshortening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJWLaDSNBAI
  18. sixfoot

    Dany's Sketches

    Hey there. I didn't exactly 'redline', because to me the main problems with this is in the gesture, not the anatomy (which is decent!). What is this dude doing? I just can't figure it out. He can't be standing, because with his legs like that he'd be toppling over. I dont think he's flying...
  19. sixfoot

    Thoughts on snake anthros?

    Hang on, this is text novel, right? Just describe them as snakelike, problem solved. "Cobra Commander narrowed his snakelike eyes, hissing sensually. His tongue flickered over Joe's bare skin as the G.I. struggled futilely in his grasp. Slowly his jaw dislocated, dropping lower..." Ok I feel...
  20. sixfoot

    Looking for critiques, pointers, advices... (NSFW)

    The muzzle looks better, good job! It's pretty convincing now. So does the arm :) I think the torso looks short because it really is quite short. Your character may be 5 heads but take a look: http://i.imgur.com/AO3o9WB.jpg. You've taken that height off just her torso rather than distributing...