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  1. TheOnePandemonium

    Human/Anthro/Animal portrait sales - 40€!

    Hey there ~ Just a little thread for a headsup. My ongoing Sale ends in just about a few weeks. I'm selling Digital paintings of portraits, be it an animal, a human, or a mix of the two. For these sales I require a full upfront payment to avoid the x2 fees of Paypal/Bank transfer. These I...
  2. TheOnePandemonium

    Ermagerd, Pand's introduction

    I just realized there was an Introduction category, even though I looked for it and didn't see. (had to spot it from the activity tab thingie on the forum) This is starting off well xD Well hello there everyone! I'm a simple human being with simple looks from a simple city in Portugal. My name...
  3. TheOnePandemonium

    Tagging your art? Help a newb!

    Hello there FA community. I must say I am totally new to this site, although I've known its name since... well, years now. I've always mixed animals and humans in my art and many people asked me "if i was on FurAffinity" and got fed up of answering 'no', so here I am sniffing some more. Thing...