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  1. DameKathryn

    "Mated" furs, how did you find your partner?

    My boyfriend and I met on a different forum, the Bad Dragon forum. He's not really a fur though (and I'm not completely either, I do love anthro animals and furry art, but I wouldn't say that defines who I am). Either way, we met when neither of us were really looking for someone, I developed a...
  2. DameKathryn

    Free Small Head Shot Icons

    If you feel like giving my Kasia a try, here are some refs :) ref http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13794528/ pic http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13964978/
  3. DameKathryn

    Age Thread 2014

    I'll be 24 in November
  4. DameKathryn

    Refs Please?

    Thanks guys I'll try as many of these as I can, although I can't accept compliments on the art on my FA as it belongs to those who actually did it, lol. Mine is much worse -_-'
  5. DameKathryn

    Refs Please?

    I'm a newbie furry artist and I'd really like some ref-sheets of characters I could practice on. I can't guarantee I'll post the art if I don't like it, or even that I'll draw it. And I might simplify difficult characters (removing wings or extra arms). I'll try my hand at any species, although...
  6. DameKathryn

    Question on Micro/Macro Fursona Related Stuff...

    You could always have your 'sona just not have a set size? If that makes sense. It depends on how fleshed out you want your character to be, what you're using it for, whether or not things HAVE to be defined. But if you're commissioning art or RPing or whatever, you can just have your character...
  7. DameKathryn

    Hello Hello

    Sorry, I suppose that doesn't translate outside of BD ^^' It's a shortened version of silicone-cock, or silicone dildos.
  8. DameKathryn

    Favourite holiday destinations.

    I love exploring cities! However I also love camping and hiking ;) I chose cities and towns though because that's what I've been doing mostly. I just graduated from college and moved across-state to Cincinnati, which is newish to me. I haven't explored it nearly enough, yet.
  9. DameKathryn

    Site down before the weekend...

    Yeah I was certainly surprised it went down today. I figured it wouldn't until either late tonight or early tomorrow morning at the earliest.
  10. DameKathryn

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    For me, my real name is Kathryn/Kate. When I joined the Bad Dragon forums, I decided that I needed a new username, because my default usernames all used my full name, or my last name. I decided to use "Dame" before my name because Dame is the title of a female knight. When I started making my...
  11. DameKathryn

    Multiple Fursonas

    I have two fursonas myself. My main one is Dame Kathryn, she's a cross between a Dragon and a Maine Coon, and is a female knight. She primarily lives in a medieval setting in my mind, but I also think of her as being able to exist in a steampunk or cyberpunk setting as well. She's a bad-ass...
  12. DameKathryn

    Hello Hello

    Hi all! I'm new around here, although not new to FA or forums in general. A little about me (because... I said so): My name is Kate, but I also respond to Dame. Am I a furry? Sort of. I haven't decided, but by many people's definitions, I suppose I am. I have two different fursonas, Dame...