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  1. Getta

    The Sprawl

    This is exciting, I recently received a notice that "The Sprawl" has been added to the Recommended Reading list for the 2015 Ursa Major Awards in the Graphic Story category. The nominations themselves won't begin until January, but this will hopefully mean more people reading the comic in the...
  2. Getta

    Whats your favorite webcomic?

    If you're a fan of sci-fi horror featuring cursed artifacts, murderous cultists and shambling cybernetic horrors then might I suggest "The Sprawl"? The comic is NSFW due to nudity and violence. It's not a porn comic per-se, but it's very much in the vein of 70's punk comics like Heavy Metal...
  3. Getta

    The Sprawl

    Hit a bit of a personal milestone a couple of weeks back. Including 8 or so pages which ended up on the cutting room floor, "The Sprawl" is now the longest comic I have ever worked on. 131 pages now, and a lot more to go. For those following over at http://www.drawholic.net there's been a...
  4. Getta

    What do you look for in a comic?

    Related question to the OP's, but I'm curious where people find their comics. Do most people just sort of stumble across them, or do you look to sites like TPW and The Belfry to see what's out there?
  5. Getta

    Favorite Furry Comics

    Admittedly I'm biased, but no fans of "The Sprawl" up in here? (NSFW due to violence and nudity, it being a horror comic and all.)
  6. Getta

    Webcomic List thread

    "The Sprawl" (W)(!) - Dark fantasy, horror, sex, ancient forbidden evil, grisly murder, cursed artifacts and cybernetic horrors. Shameless self promotion is shameless but I think you'll be glad you checked out the comic. I also post the pages here to FA.
  7. Getta

    The Sprawl

    Over 100 pages posted to FA! (Of course, that includes a bonus cut scene, but still! 100 pages!) We're half way through the second chapter. Private Investigator, Liam O'Malley has arrived at a private research laboratory only to discover his client, Professor Bohte, has been brutally murdered...
  8. Getta

    The Sprawl

  9. Getta

    The Sprawl

    Do you like science fiction? Dark fantasy? Horror? Ancient forbidden evil? Cursed artifacts found in frozen caves? Cybernetic horrors shambling through the underside of a constantly growing megacity as it consumes a dead world? The Sprawl is over a year old now! The perfect time to jump in and...
  10. Getta


    There's "The Sprawl" which has been going on for almost a year now. It's a sci-fi/horror comic with some adult content. http://drawholic.net/
  11. Getta

    The Sprawl

    LOG:02 of "The Sprawl is well on its way. To celebrate, and thank those readers supporting the comic, I'm presently posting monthly pin-ups exclusive to Patreon supporters. Every month a new pin-up from the growing cast of characters. For the time being, "The Sprawl" updates twice a week...
  12. Getta

    The Sprawl

    LOG:01 of "The Sprawl" is complete! 58 pages taking you into a world of high technology and dark fantasy, and it's only just beginning! Starting Wednesday, October 22nd, LOG:02 begins with page updates continuing every Wednesday and Saturday!
  13. Getta

    Submission Problem: I can post a story as a JPG but cannot replace the file afterwards

    That doesn't help me with my problem. I'd simply change the category if that were possible but it does not appear to be.
  14. Getta

    The Sprawl

    The Sprawl now has a new home at Drawholic.net! Come check it out! Comic pages will still be posted to FA, but now you can enjoy the adventure through a slick new interface!
  15. Getta

    The Sprawl

    "The Sprawl" is a new comic that is updated twice weekly, inviting you to explore the worlds of Tartarus. A gas giant orbiting a distant star, one of its moons is home to "The Sprawl". A continent sized megacity, ever growing as it slowly consumes the wastes of an otherwise dead world. At it's...
  16. Getta

    Submission Problem: I can post a story as a JPG but cannot replace the file afterwards

    So when I began posting my comic, the initial page I uploaded as a "story", because that's what it is, the first page of a book people are to read. However, I've made edits to the first page and wanted to update the comic on FA, but when I go to change the submission file it only allows doc...
  17. Getta

    Tips for improving art

    "Drawing the Marvel Way" is one of my favourites. Don't let the title fool you, it's useful for learning even if you're not interested in drawing in Marvel Comics style. It teaches a lot of fundamentals that are key no matter the style you're striving for. Beyond that, draw often and be open...
  18. Getta

    Looking for an art tablet?

    Personally, I recommend picking up a tablet PC. There are some nice models from Samsung and I've heard good things about the "Surface" tablets from Microsoft. Wacom also sells their own "Cintiq Companion" tablet. If you're on a budget, you can't go wrong with purchasing a refurbished Toshiba...