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  1. Kredanica

    Guro/Gore Artist: Alien Pregnancy

    Hi there, Usually for a page I take 100$, so with 240$ I can draw 2 pages with flats. there are samples: www.furaffinity.net: Rengar meet Akali page 1 by kredanica
  2. Kredanica

    NSFW commissions 50$! (5 slots) 18+

    NSFW commions are open! 5 slots are available! Humans, furries, ferals, anthros, are ok. Offer for just one character. sent me a note or a email kredanica@gmail.com samples NSFW here www.furaffinity.net: OMG Josie has a cock?! (topless) by kredanica www.furaffinity.net: OMG Josie has a cock...