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  1. fbocabral

    What Do You Hate About the Body

    I hate human fur. It's not soft and fluffy but it is still there, just to annoy you. Not pretty, not nice, not usefull. You trying to get rid of me? Good luck with that!! I'll grow even stronger in parts you wouldn't DARE to hurt!! and yea, i hate that about myself...
  2. fbocabral

    Caught in Act, nothing new of cource (stupid Title...)

    Can't we just assume there were some bad eggs furries and overreacting parents at the same place? Shit was expected to happen...
  3. fbocabral

    ''Recognise the Furry Fandom as a protected group''

    I couldn't disagree more. The problem isn't the freaks or who think we are all freaks... it's the "normal" ones that feed the trolls. That only reinforces what I said before that there are still some among us that are worried about what people think of them as furries. They should stop givin'...
  4. fbocabral

    ''Recognise the Furry Fandom as a protected group''

    that is a troll meal served in a plate plz, make it happen :V C'mon, am I the only one here that doesn't give a damn what people think of furries? I don't think so
  5. fbocabral

    Hello all!

    welcome, friend;)
  6. fbocabral

    So foxes are sluts?

    What's the matter about being a slut anyway?
  7. fbocabral

    What Are You Listening To?

  8. fbocabral

    So foxes are sluts?

    oh, really? so what way you'd like it to take? I'm just asking because you're only HALF a fox.... huehue (kidding, foxies, just keeping the subject)
  9. fbocabral

    So you're tired of all the gun control stuff? Come on inside! (mildly offensive!)

    Awesome tips, tango!! May I add some stuff of my own for your evaluation? don't forget to go for the neck as well. A good punch in the neck will cause massive pain and breathing difficulties Bites are also pretty useful in some situations. And if you think it is bad enough, wait to see the...
  10. fbocabral

    Do your characters reflect your RL sexuality?

    It's weird, because I am mostly straight, but my fursona is the opposite. Inside the fandom, I actually like males more 0.o My other character though is more like me, so mostly straight.
  11. fbocabral

    So foxes are sluts?

    heuuehue this topic just remind me of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBoZc_XtlI4 But hey! i didn't know anything about the fandom when I chose a fox... It was about being classy, sexy AND a son of a bitch. Just like my characters in RPGs But I must agree that foxes seems to be kinda...
  12. fbocabral

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    Something weird occours to me: I like girls most in "real world", but for the fandom, I like males most. what the heck...
  13. fbocabral

    Age Thread 2013

    woohoo!! There's not that few of us with 20 and more. I'm 25.... dammit
  14. fbocabral

    Attraction to Anthros - Is this Unusual?

    maybe one reason for this, I was thinking, is that no matter if you like cartoon or realistic or even stories about anthro or any other kind of "drawing", the fact is that those anthros are... clean. I don't know about you, but to think about real humans, in many ways, makes me think we are...
  15. fbocabral

    Attraction to Anthros - Is this Unusual?

    well, nothing to add to the topic that wasn't already said, I guess... but I wanted to ask something: do you think people mistakes the furry fandom for zoophilia? You see, I am a vet student, and I'm afraid people around me mistakes me for some maniac or anything like that. I know it is...
  16. fbocabral

    three toe paws or four toe paws

    for me, it depends of the drawing style. If it is more cartoon like, It is better looking with 3 toes and 4 fingers. for something more realistic, 4 or 5 toes/fingers for me is fine. particulary, I like drawing 4 toes/fingers because i think it is easier and looks better for my style. but about...
  17. fbocabral

    Lets talk INK!

    I like the idea of you making something original of yours, like your character, I think you should keep that in mind.
  18. fbocabral

    Heavy metal vs electronic dance

    I don't think the point of the tread is to compare them, just ask what you are more into... i suppose. Arguing in what is the best is foolish. I like both. It depends of my mood and situation. But, generally, i like metal most.
  19. fbocabral

    Furry Anime

    I'm watching to Zorori, which was mentioned here. It is pretty nice, actually... childish, but yet cool... (anthro) Wolf's rain is also recomended, as said before (feral) Maybe Swat Catz will please some people too (anthro) not sure if it was mentioned here... and, kinda going off topic, but if...
  20. fbocabral

    Hello everyone

    Welcome, partner. And well, I can't play skyrin cuz my computer doesn't support it... But I'm still addicted to Fallout 3 =0