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  1. Abramelin

    Heavy metal (or no metal at all) The Brutal thread

  2. Abramelin

    What Are You Listening To?

    "Blood is Boiling" ~ Devil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nzfGQnpsL0
  3. Abramelin

    i wanna talk about american football

    fuck yeah football Even though I live in Michigan, I've always rooted for the Baltimore Ravens. I actually slightly prefer college football to the NFL, and I grew up watching the Michigan Wolverines every Saturday with my father. However, while he never cared for the NFL, I loved football and...
  4. Abramelin

    First album/tape/CD you ever bought/got/whatever

    Hmm...I think the first album I actually bought myself was this. http://www.amazon.com/Babylon-Skindred/dp/B0002M5TQQ/ref=ntt_mus_ep_dpi_2
  5. Abramelin


    I guess. =P Thanks! I'd still consider myself new. I didn't really post much before.
  6. Abramelin

    Music you grew up on.

    I grew up listening to my parents' classic rock collection. Ted Nugent, Def Leppard, and Saraya were my favorites. I also liked whatever rock music was being played on the radio at the time, and I never really branched out until high school. I had discovered Rammstein, loved them, and began...
  7. Abramelin

    Heavy metal (or no metal at all) The Brutal thread

    My favorite sub-genres are easily sludge and old-school death metal, but I've fallen in love with later-era Tiamat. I initially checked them out for their early death metal albums, but I've come to love their gothic rock/metal stuff they released later on even more. Excellent stuff, recommended...
  8. Abramelin

    Favorite type of foods

    I've gotta go with savory. Spicy isn't too far behind though.
  9. Abramelin

    College/high school education

    I'm currently attending a community college and am pursuing an associate's degree in accounting. I'm considering going after a bachelor's after that, but would just like to get as much as I can from this community college because I'm able to pay for it without going into debt.
  10. Abramelin

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm trying to become not-terrible at Counter Strike: Source. I know, I'm a little late to the party, but I just recently got around to actually playing it. It's frustrating because of how unforgiving it is, and yet I enjoy it for whatever reason.
  11. Abramelin

    hey tebow nice game yesterday

    hey tebow nice game yesterday
  12. Abramelin

    Steam Username List

    I play mostly TF2, and I'll occasionally dip into Killing Floor. I'm trying to get into CS:S but I'm god-awful at it. http://steamcommunity.com/id/abramelin
  13. Abramelin


    Hey man :3 Hmm, what to say? I'm a dude with a raven 'sona. I'm an accounting major and a music and sports nerd. I prefer pancakes to waffles. I used to post here under the name MaskedJackal, but I stopped posting for a while and forgot all the info and junk to my account. I also kinda changed...