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  1. Kelsh

    How tall are you guys?

    5'6, 118. fuck
  2. Kelsh

    Slender Man

    What a sexy young man. And Kero, I enjoy your signature.
  3. Kelsh

    Wisconsin jail outlaws Dungeons & Dragons

    I'd do it anyways.
  4. Kelsh


    Japanese school uniforms are too great, and stockings as well. Getting a kitty maid costume soon.
  5. Kelsh


    Yeah, I bought all the knitting stuff and I felt so awesome then.. I wasn't able to.
  6. Kelsh

    What is your sexual orientation?

    No sexual things? No fun. Still PRETTY STR8 GUYS. Though some girls are too damn cute to pass up.
  7. Kelsh


    Eh, I don't think I can hold one for that long.
  8. Kelsh


    D: I'm trying to learn too.
  9. Kelsh

    I just need some friends right now...

    Talk to some one you really care about. oor sleep.
  10. Kelsh

    PETA Proposes Robotic Groundhog for Pa. Festival

    In all honesty, PETA is just getting more ridiculous each day.
  11. Kelsh

    Which one should I get? they'll all be good pets, but which colours?

    ^ I agree with this haha. And the red or Splash is adorable.
  12. Kelsh

    Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

    I don't know, I rarely drink. I haven't in over 2 years. Strawberry Daiquiris are nice.
  13. Kelsh

    Bubble Tea!!!

    There's one here in STL. :3 I tried the green tea on my birthday and did not enjoy. So I'm going to try a different one this year.
  14. Kelsh

    Bored outta my Got-dang skull

    I suppose I talk to some one. I'm not one to enjoy being alone.
  15. Kelsh

    Weird food combinations anyone? xD

    I quite enjoy peanut butter on my waffle. Or jalapenos, chilli, onions, and cheese on my hashbrowns.
  16. Kelsh

    Just a fan

    Acceptable. But yeah, furry words can annoy the crap out of me. ;;
  17. Kelsh


    It sucks when stuff like that happens. Life likes mature some of us too fast.
  18. Kelsh

    Bodily Hair

    GRAMMER POLICE ALERT woo woo woo :3
  19. Kelsh


    In all honesty, I've been so depressed I felt to weak to commit suicide. total teenage angst right there, brahs
  20. Kelsh

    Piercings! :3

    I have none, not even my ears. Never did. I guess it's kind of odd because usually girls have ear piercings but I never really cared. If I ever did get one, it'd be my lip. But I still probably will never get one.