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  1. roland_perteev

    Gayest Type of Bear

    Giant Pandas. Something about them gives me the impression that they're all gay but don't know it yet (except for the ones who do know, and they are just gay).
  2. roland_perteev

    will you still be a furry when you get older

    I've considered myself furry for the last decade and while I've had furrier days I can't see it wearing off any time soon.
  3. roland_perteev

    What keeps you from quitting the fandom?

    Why don't I quit? Because it never gets boring. That and I have never had the urge to quit. One thing would be that I don't find furries annoying like so many seem to. True, I am sometimes left rolling my eyes and thinking "Grow the fuck up already", but even then they're guilty of nothing...
  4. roland_perteev

    Furs By Species 2

    black-backed jackal here...
  5. roland_perteev


    Actually I did hae a slightly awkward conversation when I was going to a furry con, but it was more about feeling silly than anything else. "So why are you flying to Sydney?" "Because I like to draw anthro animals." "OK... and the bearing that that has on your trip to Sydney is?" "I want to...
  6. roland_perteev

    How did you get into the Fandom?

    How did I get in to the fandom? I thought "ZOMG I've been a self-idnetified furry for like 9 years and I'm still yet to even interract with another one ('cept for that guy who showed me his Gadget Hackwrench fanart back in '96)"... and I joined a few sites like Furstralia and FA... It...
  7. roland_perteev

    Help/Criticism/Whatever Requested

    Draw. Heaps. Look at real animals & people & draw them. If you need help with direction, look at other artists' work and see what they've done.
  8. roland_perteev

    Canine Head Attempt

    What they said... study the hell out of real dogs heads and skulls and practise until you can't stand to draw another one. Also, depending on how anthropomorphic and/or cartoony you want your drawings to be, you should study what other artists have done in this respect, but not until after you...
  9. roland_perteev

    when you've lost your direction....

    It sounds like you need to revamp your style - it's not the end of the world. It may help to take a break for a week or two as you collect ideas on where you should take your art. Mebbe you should read 'Art & Fear' (I have not), though I'd personally reccommend 'Cartoon Animation' by Preston...
  10. roland_perteev

    How did you find the Fandom?

    I found out about furry when my brother stormed in and said "Oh my god have you heard about [prolly shouldn't go mentioning names]? He jerks off to pictures of Gadget hackwrench!" Being 11 at the time I thought it was the grossest, funniest thing ever.
  11. roland_perteev

    Banning Burqas

    I've been thinking... since wearing a burqa in public (or was it just public institutions?) is illegal in France, conservative Islamic women (and non-Islamic women wo are just really, really insecure) are now going to have to find a new way of hiding their bodies from the prying, licentious eyes...
  12. roland_perteev

    Do you hide or shine?

    I'll never deny it, and I'll show my art to my friends and ask what they think (only the polite art mind... but that's got more to do with common decency than hiding my furriness), I sometimes wear a collar (not so much now that the weather's warming up though) and I make no secret of going to...
  13. roland_perteev

    I praticed some anatomy

    Totally agree. And I'll just add my voice to the others who say that you have to learn to draw realistic anatomy if you want to draw good cartoony anatomy. It's all about knowing what you're deriving from. Disney did the same thing with animals - he made all his artists learn to draw the...
  14. roland_perteev

    Where do you normally start when drawing?

    If I'm feeling disciplined, I'll start with the line of action and move on to the pose (usually starting with the head) before adding any detail. Otherwise, I generally just draw the head (starting with the headsphere then center line for muzzle then nose etc.) and then try to get the rest of...
  15. roland_perteev

    help whit a fursona

    Think about what aspects of both creatures are most important. The panda, for example, has very distinctive black and white markings. Even a wolf with these markings would be recognised as part panda. Pandas also have 6 fingers on each handpaw - where you go with this is entirely up to you...
  16. roland_perteev

    Looking for some help/critiques on a character

    IMO his legs aren't quite right. You could try making them bigger and fatter to add to the overall bottom-heavy look? Or maybe you could make them skinny and spindly? Hey, it's worked before...
  17. roland_perteev

    Need feedback!!!

    Ah - thanks for that. I shall take it on baord... and start gurning in a mirror as I draw or something...
  18. roland_perteev


    Put her hands on her head and a giant birthday cake all over the floor in front of her. Or have her patting her head with one hand and rubbing her tummy with the other (and put a policefur with a breatholizer in the background).
  19. roland_perteev

    Need feedback!!!

    OK, I've been doing a squirrel study, and I'd like to get some feedback on what needs improving. I'm largely happy with them myself (though as usual I'm more than a little sick of looking at them after all the drawing, scanning, grading, scaling, submitting etc. etc.) so I'm afraid that I can't...
  20. roland_perteev

    When did you join the fandom?

    I joined the fandom in Feb '09. Though I was furry for a good long while before then.