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  1. Tycho Rass

    Where are the Hooves?

  2. Tycho Rass

    Animated Music Video Needs Characters, Can I Borrow Yours?

    Sure, borrow away. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tychorass/
  3. Tycho Rass

    Where are the Hooves?

    Heyo, stallion here.
  4. Tycho Rass

    Why does your fursona have it's markings?

    Well, a lot of mine are just typical of the Palomino coloration. My scars are from various sources; i.e. fights, accidents, my mate biting me. My mate put a white collar of fur on me, as well as a pawprint on my right arm. Dunno how, but I like em.
  5. Tycho Rass

    What are your most favorite weapons?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrett_M82 King of all sniper rifles.
  6. Tycho Rass

    If you woke up and were a furry.

    lol, walk into class, and be like "What? Do I have something in my teeth?"
  7. Tycho Rass

    Its time for another

    Well, I think human have the capacity to reach furryness through either evolution or technology; technology would be much, much faster of course. As for the Maxtrix/SecondLife concept, that is a brilliant idea. You can do anything with computers, and our computer tech is evolving...
  8. Tycho Rass

    Weesha is in a magazine! :]

    Wow, a positive article on furries. The world must be coming to an end (or converting to furries).
  9. Tycho Rass

    What are your most favorite weapons?

    Hmmm, favorite weapon.... *unzips pants* tada
  10. Tycho Rass

    Looking for podcasting hosts!

    Hmm, might be interesting.
  11. Tycho Rass

    What are your most favorite weapons?

  12. Tycho Rass

    Starting up again~

    *pounce* If you're still interested, perhaps one of me. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2035267/ Maybe with one of these in the middle of my chest. http://www.atmajyoti.org/images/om_yellow_marblish.gif
  13. Tycho Rass

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    Me, all the time, occasionally I have a spooky one sneak up on me though.
  14. Tycho Rass

    Being mistaken for the wrong gender

    lol Boobs FTW!!
  15. Tycho Rass

    Who's met / been close to someone famous here?

    Exchanged greetings with the Dalai Lama; most gentle man on earth, but by far the strongest (mentally and spiritually). Shook hands with and said hello to Barack Obama. Coolest day of my life.
  16. Tycho Rass

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    Lucid- Very clear or vivid. As though it was reality; happening right in front of your eyes. Basically, its having a dream that seems real, and can be clearly remembered. This includes feeling pain, pleasure, and other sensations. Can be really fun, but can also really freak you out...
  17. Tycho Rass

    What are your most favorite weapons?

    I have one of those.
  18. Tycho Rass

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    I have had effects like that in my dreams. That dream I talked about before; I actually woke up coughing up blood. Spooky shit. Once you get good at it, it is really fun. You can do all sorts of awesome shit. That one just sort of snuck up on me. I blame Whitenoise.