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  1. Koei_Graywolf

    Outage? (502 errors)

    I feel it is my duty to inform you that I am receiving the same errors that everyone else has already pointed out before me.
  2. Koei_Graywolf

    I want my girlfriend to wear a Raccoon tail and raccoon ears.

    "Oh yes, Mario!!... I mean Sarah! Wait, don't walk out on me! ... Can you at least leave the tail and ears?"
  3. Koei_Graywolf

    Why do trolls hate us ?

    Why? Simple. Easy targets.
  4. Koei_Graywolf

    Antifurry coalition?

    There's no way that site can be serious. Still though, the potential for lulz is there, regardless.
  5. Koei_Graywolf

    Westboro Baptist Church

    Poll Choice: Kill the adults, steal the Children?
  6. Koei_Graywolf

    Fursonas that just wouldn't work or you wouldn't want to be

    I find aquatic 'fur'sonas like dolphins to be quite silly looking!
  7. Koei_Graywolf

    How furry are you?

    To me, being a "furry" is just my hobby, not my lifestyle. I enjoy the art, drawing it and browsing it, and a lot of the people inside the fandom seem nice enough. Just gotta watch out for the really weird ones... >.> I joined FurAffinity April of last year, so I guess I've seen a fair amount...
  8. Koei_Graywolf

    Pride Hunting!!!....and failing horribly

    I kind of have a pack, consisting of me and another person as the pack's founders, then 6 other pack members. No leader though! ... But we really don't do anything XP We're just friends. We're all wolves, except one is "a little fishy", hehehe!
  9. Koei_Graywolf

    Furry Comedians

    2 the ranting Gryphon's website: http://www.ranting-gryphon.com/
  10. Koei_Graywolf

    Furry Comedians

    What about 2 the ranting Gryphon? I've heard a few of his audio mp3s, and I thought they were pretty funny.
  11. Koei_Graywolf

    I think my bird's a furry

    Aww, that's just plain cute :3 I just hope there aren't any dogs who think they're birds, and try to fly off a building O.o
  12. Koei_Graywolf


    I remember that show! haha, runs around in pajamas... But I never remember seeing a guy named Candlejack in it, course I've only seen about 5 or so episo
  13. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    Just to say, I was referring to Kamut and Nargle's posts as well. Not trying to argue any point (in case it seemed like I was), I'm just saying that's what it sounds like.
  14. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    ... Are you sure that's not what happens when you stare at something long enough, but when what you're staring at moves, the image is imprinted into your sight for a few seconds, and you see the inverse of where it was? Cause it certainly sounds like it.
  15. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    That sounds really interesting! I've been able to feel if people around me have high amounts of energy (and so far I've only really noticed two people who do... :\ ), but actually seeing it? Wow!
  16. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    Yeah, true... But you can't actually know how it works... It's really not something you can put under a microscope and examine... But I think what matters is what you believe in. As long as you believe.
  17. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    Yeah... I'm always thinking about what I might be able to use it for... I never end up thinking about how it actually works... I just believe that it's all around us, and within us. I guess that's all you really need to believe. Though it's cool to hear people's ideas on it! :3
  18. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    At first when reading this, I was like sure... But you know, that really made a lot of sense! I don't know much about the concept, really... I just do it. Thanks for this!
  19. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    Oh, I must've mistaken it for when the battle site came up, sorry.
  20. Koei_Graywolf

    Body Control

    I don't know about that one. Not by my experience, anyway.