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  1. Ane The Oddity

    Site down 2009-01-01

    I smell irony. -3- Weird coincidence for the site to go out at this time.
  2. Ane The Oddity

    502 error?! O.o

    Whew! That's good news then. =^.^=
  3. Ane The Oddity

    502 error?! O.o

    Not again... *Facepalms* Not even in a full 30 days and we're already having a 502.
  4. Ane The Oddity

    FA - Back Online

    Yeah, I'm getting a dead screen of white. Tried clearing my cache and still get the same result. Just automatically says it's done loading with a plain, white screen. :< EDIT: Oh wait! It's working again now. X3
  5. Ane The Oddity

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    I had a bizarre dream last night that I was browsing the site again, but there was only one submission in my watch box and it seemed uninteresting. It's just so weird, I felt like I was really sitting at my desk, looking through the site at like, 1 AM. O.o;
  6. Ane The Oddity

    The REAL Reason DHL was Late With the Server

    The commonly seen message on the side of a truck "How's My Driving?" comes to mind.
  7. Ane The Oddity

    New Servers

    Dumb question, but if one of them is named Trogdor, what's the other named? (Burninator?)
  8. Ane The Oddity

    Will the new server have a beefy right arm?

    Will it have shiny scales? :3
  9. Ane The Oddity

    Creating characters

    My fursona's merely a personification of my interests in the furry fandom itself. Nothing really complex, yet nothing pathetically base either. I didn't want to go by some radically unique name or intentional misspelling of something I thought sounded cool either, Just Ane was fine. ((Pronounced...
  10. Ane The Oddity

    The Furry Factor

    Purely influential and as some others have said, based on predisposition. Just like people wanting to join any other clique and sub culture. Ours happens to be a little weird in the eyes of others. X3