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  1. Solarflare420

    I can’t see any notifications

    Thank you! This helps
  2. Solarflare420

    I can’t see any notifications

    So I’ve come back after 2 years and the site changed. I use mobile only and first off I can’t read half of the rules page because the text is so huge and I cant zoom out to read most of it. Second I have searched around the whole site for hours and can’t find anywhere where I can view my...
  3. Solarflare420

    Share your flumpfy fursonas!

    I make a lot of other art with colors like this too! My un is Solarflare. if you want to see <3
  4. Solarflare420

    Share your flumpfy fursonas!

    I love Henry! He and my sona have some of the same colors <3 Solarflare needs more love too
  5. Solarflare420

    as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?

    I literally have no idea what my sexuality is. I’m trans (f2m) and I’ve only had cis male pertners and one trans woman pre HRT. I’ve tried to get cis females to sleep with me and they never like me like that. After transitioning and “passing” I have only been with my very amazing femboy furry bf...
  6. Solarflare420

    Pool Toys & Inflatables

    This is wild! I’ve literally never heard of pool toy characters before...and seeing that 900$ inflatable someone made, I’m just lost for words. Very interesting though and I do think it would be cute and fun to see my sona turned into a pool toy (as a drawing of course)
  7. Solarflare420

    Los Angeles 2021?

    I moved to LA last year but have been quarantined in WA state. Planning to go back soon and want to go to a furry meet or convention once it is safe to do so again. I also want to meet more furry friends in the SoCal area. Are there any annual furry cons/meets in SoCal?
  8. Solarflare420

    Demotivated? Feel You are bad at art?

    Haha I’ve been trying to make artist friends too and no one really seems interested.
  9. Solarflare420

    Demotivated? Feel You are bad at art?

    That’s the only problem I do make fan art and sex and I still get nothing
  10. Solarflare420

    I want to hear your electronic/edm music!

    I have been going through so much sadness and need all the edm jamz I can get. I am also all about supporting non “famous” DJs and producers, especially ones who are also furries. And if I am a fan I’d like to be friends. If you want feedback/ constructive criticism just let me know! If I...
  11. Solarflare420

    Demotivated? Feel You are bad at art?

    I don’t do art as much as I want to because I work my ass off on a piece and am proud of it then I post it online and get no likes and no comments so I’m like wtf is the point of making art if no one gives a shit about it
  12. Solarflare420

    Adding Sheep or Ram to species list

    I very much agree. I have a couple OCs who are sheep including my best friends sona and I was surprised that there wasn’t any to select
  13. Solarflare420

    How to get noticed again?

    hey! I wanted to start off saying I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong forum section. I’m still kinda noob. Anyway I made a welcome thread here a bit ago but wanted to maybe get help on another issue, and I kinda feel stupid and desperate asking but I am desperate xD When I had a FA back...
  14. Solarflare420

    What does the crowdog say??

    That image cracks me up xD And I like your face :3
  15. Solarflare420

    What does the crowdog say??

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes!!
  16. Solarflare420

    Furry events in San Diego?

    Thank you SO MUCH! Idk why I didn’t see this in google
  17. Solarflare420

    Furry events in San Diego?

    anyone here know of any furry events or cons in Southern California? If so are they good? I don’t have a car so I can’t travel far for conventions
  18. Solarflare420

    y e e t

    That’s some dope art friend!
  19. Solarflare420

    What does the crowdog say??

    awoooo-aah! Something like that... Anyway, hello furs! I am newish here but not new to the furry fandom. My sona is Solarflare, a “unique” wolfdog with a bit of avian. I had a FA a long time ago but took a several year hiatus due to personal stuff. I tried to find my old account but it must have...
  20. Solarflare420

    Nooblet here

    Nooblet here