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  1. darkdalon

    Hiring: Looking for full body art of my dragon OC! ($40-60ish??)

  2. darkdalon

    Hiring: (~$100?) LF Artist for Ref Sheet for first Fursona [CLOSED]

  3. darkdalon

    Hiring: Humanoid Artist

  4. darkdalon

    Looking for video editor or recorder for Podcast/Streaming videos

    Yeah, so my former editor has called quits on our sessions. I am wondering if there is anyone available to help record our campaign and upload them. We're furry friendly trying to stay in the game, but I can't record it myself for revealing details on my end. Any takers?
  5. darkdalon

    Hiring: NSFW comic layout

    Hi there, I have worked with Comic layouts before. Here are my rates, but I can give you a discount for more projects if this is consistant.
  6. darkdalon

    (CLOSED) Looking for/hiring: Commission artists (up to ≈$100 [max.]) [NSFW/Fetish]

    I mean that's not really a bad fetish, but nonetheless doable! My commissions are open!
  7. darkdalon


  8. darkdalon

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Female Body Builder Ref Sheet YCH Sale

    Hey everyone! I put up a reference sheet example for muscle-bound women models. (Can adjust for any species.) Flat rate: $40!!! *Fully Colored/Shading/Nude Only(Must be a Medium or Large Size character) *Additional clothing or attachments (+$15) *Changes to pose will vary in price. *Background...
  9. darkdalon

    Hiring: Programmer And Digital Artist Wanted For Forced-TF RPG

    Hello, I saw your ad and wondered if you're still hiring. I have references in game development and mostly digital art. Here's my regular prices below, but I can cut a deal if the work pays more often.
  10. darkdalon

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: D&D Character Base Adopts for Sale.

    Hello everyone! I am offering off some ref examples of some new adopts. You may purchase these for $15 each, and order to have any changes done to them. They will come with: (1 front angle, with a bust token.) You can purchase an NSWF Reference (back view, side view, private shot.) for +$10...
  11. darkdalon

    Hiring: Looking for a completely NSFW piece for my OC ($50-$125)

  12. darkdalon

    Hiring: Looking for artist for long-term NSFW image series/comic

  13. darkdalon

    Hiring: NSFW (ish) Ref Sheet Comission! (£50 Budget)

  14. darkdalon

    Hiring: Someone to shade one of my drawings

  15. darkdalon

    Hiring: ($150+) OC drawing and reference sheet

  16. darkdalon

    Hiring: Looking for a NSFW commission of my centaur character. Budget $50-150

  17. darkdalon

    Hiring: Pokemon + Human ($100)