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  1. Aet

    ► Looking for sonas to draw ◀ {Open}

    I'm not sure if you're still doing these but here are my babies if any happen to perk your interest ^^ Favorite color yellow~! AET on Toyhouse
  2. Aet

    Pokemon hentai (Low budget)

    Hello ^^ I would be willing to help you with your piece(s) if you happen to be interested~ Depending on what type of background and shading my prices can go anywhere from $15-$30 for a piece like you described, $30 being detailed background and full shading with two characters and $15 for two...
  3. Aet

    Looking for a spanking pic or story

    I'm not quite sure if you are still looking for an artist but my prices range from $10-$30 USD depending on shading and background. Examples can be found here: Artwork Gallery for AET -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Feel free to send me a message or note if you happen to be interested or have any...
  4. Aet

    Art Trades While I Wait?

    Any of these girlies strike your fancy? AET on Toyhouse
  5. Aet

    Wanting to draw specific NSFW things!

    Here isare my red panda girl for practice if you're interested ^^ www.furaffinity.net: $7 YCH by AET
  6. Aet

    Looking for a NSFW commission

    Flat Fullbody: $10 Fully shaded Fullbody: $15 Sketch page (1 flat and 3 lined): $20 Any other commission prices feel free to ask ^^ No additional fee for NSFW Examples: Artwork Gallery for AET -- Fur Affinity [dot] net More will be posted in a few hours if you wanted to see my most recent...
  7. Aet

    Looking for Artist!!!

    What kind of character/ description did you have in mind?
  8. Aet

    What are you doing at this exact moment?

    There is always tomorrow :D What did you end up having?
  9. Aet

    What are you doing at this exact moment?

    Oh xD Breakfast for supper! Eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and alcohol. Ran out of bacon and ham so she's just frying the eggs in the left over grease we had saved xD What did you have for supper?
  10. Aet

    What are you doing at this exact moment?

    Capriccio Sangria, 13.9% TuT
  11. Aet

    What are you doing at this exact moment?

    Drinking cheap Sangria while my girlfriend makes supper ♡
  12. Aet

    Doing One Scene Piece

    I'm still testing the waters for this scene piec, feel free to post or submit an alternative character(s)/ scene if you feel inclined ^^ I'm looking for something I feel comfortable experimenting with and, to be quite frank, neon/ bright colored characters scare me when it come to incorporating...
  13. Aet

    Doing One Scene Piece

    So I've been having terrible art block and have been self conscious about the art I have made. I've been happy with my progress as far as portraits but I'm lacking depth of emotion, and scenes are just so daunting. So, I want to create at least one scene piece, preferably sfw or soft NSFW but...
  14. Aet

    Looking for $5 - $10 YCHs

    I have a spring maiden ych at the moment ^^ They're $8 a pop and you can pick the colors of the background, flowers, and light. Canine characters only at the moment, I am working on making it feline and cow friendly as well ^^:
  15. Aet

    Two characters for sale

    Saved ♡
  16. Aet

    $8 Spring Maiden YCH

    Can be SFW, NSFW, Female, Femmeboy, and can change bits and base accordingly~! Examples posted are SFW, if you want NSFW examples just ask and I would be happy to oblige~! You can pick color of flowers, light, and background. Any questions, concerns, or interest feel free to inquire here or...
  17. Aet

    Two characters for sale

    Sent ♡
  18. Aet

    Two characters for sale

    Just figured out the da point thing. I can do points, sorry about the hassle. How do I send them to you?
  19. Aet

    Two characters for sale

    OMG I want Max so bad ♡ Will you take Paypal?
  20. Aet

    One free nsfw piece!

    She's my new babe and I am dying for art of her ♡ Yeah she can be paired up with a guy, I don't have any male characters or suggestions as to who that could be though. I'm sorry :( I did have an NSFW thread open not too long ago though: forums.furaffinity.net: Free Art: - Looking to Draw NSFW...