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  1. sunandshadow

    What is the hardest part of writing?

    Plot and motivation. The plot part's probably self-explanatory, yes? The motivation part is that I am not a compulsive writer, nor do I have any particular urge to have my writing be published or read.
  2. sunandshadow

    Sexual attraction and the self.

    I'd like to add this question to the overall discussion: are people who aren't attracted to their own type more likely to feel inadequate compared to their objects of desire? If you don't find your own looks attractive, bit also don't feel inadequate about your looks, how did that come about?
  3. sunandshadow

    Sexual attraction and the self.

    It's quite possible to inherit one's taste in sexual partners from a parent. You can inherit your taste from parent A, and your looks from parent B, and thus be attracted to looks similar to your own. Or your parents can have similar looks to each other, in which case you might be inheriting...
  4. sunandshadow

    Your preferred type of headphones?

    I like the really lightweight ones with circular foam pads and an adjustable headband. Earbuds always give me a headache so I pretty much can't wear them. I like the light circular ones because they don't block all sound in and out; I can still hold a conversation if the particular song isn't...
  5. sunandshadow

    Why is your fursona special to you?

    I've always had a knack for sculpting and crafts, and always been frustrated that people can't change their appearances the way we can change the appearance of a work of art. So being a shapeshifter is a wish-fulfillment answer to that. Also, I've never felt I scored well at others' criteria...
  6. sunandshadow

    What do I do??! Local non-furry wants to buy artwork with my fursona on it ;-;

    Ask your boyfriend, and if you sell it take a photo first. Myself, I'd sell it, but it's a personal decision.
  7. sunandshadow

    If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be of?

    Well, for serious the pain would probably make me puke. I have very little pain tolerance, and I don't think tattoo places are allowed to dose their patients with prescription-strength painkillers. But, I always liked those tribal ones with the big black outline and the bright colors inside...
  8. sunandshadow

    Where to buy Giant Stuffed Animals

    There's honestly not enough people who both want one and can afford one to support a store. Seriously a person-sized plushie is like a fursuit filled with stuffing, it can't be made much cheaper than a fursuit. And that's not counting any "toys" the client wants built into it.
  9. sunandshadow

    The Medical Conditions thread

    PCOS and type II diabetes, which are related. That's the big one that drives me up the wall and is likely to cause further problems in the future. Allergies to fur, feathers, lanolin, mold/mildew, and the onion/garlic family of vegetables. I used to have a liver cyst, but fortunately it has...
  10. sunandshadow

    Small Story

    Awesome dad is awesome. *thumbs up*
  11. sunandshadow

    Life is not fair for me.

    I have never been around with people who had so few real concerns that they bothered to care seriously what music each other liked. Are they all bored out of their minds with nothing better to do but gossip, or are you possibly taking them too seriously?
  12. sunandshadow

    Myers-Briggs personality type and fursonas

    Means you like spending time around people, you prefer concrete details to abstract patterns and theories, you evaluate life mostly based on logic rather than emotion, and you are decisive rather than contemplative.
  13. sunandshadow

    Fashion thread

    I used to be really into fashion design - I wanted to be the next John Galliano. (I mean his design style that mixes haute coture clubwear with historical, punk, and fantasy elements, is very similar to mine. I definitely don't want to emulate the racist crap he's become associated with.) I...
  14. sunandshadow

    How do you feel about people hating children?

    I consider "I hate kids" to be about the most unattractive thing that could ever come out of a guy's mouth. I'd make that a gender-neutral statement but I don't really have an opinion about female attractiveness. But, if it's not someone I'd otherwise want to date, I don't mind if people...
  15. sunandshadow

    No Offense, But I Have No Clue~!

    For an amusing contrast, my interpretation was, "I can't think of a story that I feel like writing which is not erotica" since, being an erotica writer myself, I don't come up with too many story ideas that aren't erotica (or at least romance).
  16. sunandshadow

    No Offense, But I Have No Clue~!

    Personally I see anthro fiction as being most closely related to science fiction. There are plenty of science fiction novels which have no human characters, because they are about exploring what it's like to be an alien, or sometimes they have several kinds of aliens. This can be done in...
  17. sunandshadow

    Are feathers overused?

    You want a unique fursona with a platy head and feathers? Make a feathery triceratops, or one of those related -tops species.
  18. sunandshadow

    The subconscious

    No. Assume the person hasn't had/remembered any dreams recently.
  19. sunandshadow

    The subconscious

    I don't have a personal issue I'm trying to work out. But, I don't really 'get' meditation, so anyone who does, feel free to describe what specific steps a person would take to use meditation to come up with ideas of what they feel passionately about and thus want to do a creative project about.
  20. sunandshadow

    The subconscious

    The idea is that your subconscious is the seat of what you really care strongly about. So if you figure out what you feel passionately about, those are great subjects to write about. If it's not a subject relevant to your everyday life, maybe something you haven't thought about since you were...