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  1. VintageLynx

    Favorite fursuiter?

    I like Keenora - always ready to give out a hug and have fun.
  2. VintageLynx

    how are you doing today

    Hot and at work with an hour to go. But my manager just made me a mug of tea for the first time ever so make the most of that.
  3. VintageLynx

    What is your greatest weakness?

    One weakness is always putting other people before me - which makes me happy and unhappy in about equal measure. Another is a filter coffee with time to enjoy it and not rush it.
  4. VintageLynx

    YouTube channel artwork request

    I realise I posted in the wrong thread now - I am expecting to pay the proper fee of course. Please delete - I will ask in the correct forum.:oops:
  5. VintageLynx

    YouTube channel artwork request

    I run a YouTube channel under the VintageLynx name which is basically a mishmash of all things I find interesting such as retro video clips, music, technology etc. As I have now had over 1000000 views and 1000 subscribers I was going to refresh the channel with some new art - the dimensions are...
  6. VintageLynx

    your Ideal Partner

    Looks like there are more people wanting good people than there are good people to go around. Why are they so rare?
  7. VintageLynx

    your Ideal Partner

    Simply that they like me and get on with me. I don't care about what activities we do or really what they look like to a certain extent - just as long as they notice me and enjoy being with me.
  8. VintageLynx

    Are you a Shy fur?

    Being shy myself I think it is a horrible feeling. For me its like knowing what I want in life but being held back against my will. Some days it almost hurts. But what I try to do is push myself but then I run up against the issue of other people being boring/jerks/self centred so there's me...
  9. VintageLynx

    Anthros you find attractive

    I just watched Smokey Bear - the topless antho fire fighting bear with the shovel. Him and the Foxy Bingo fox do it for me.
  10. VintageLynx

    things you just dont understand

    Same here. It sounds great in theory but how does it work? Is it just two people messaging back and forth?
  11. VintageLynx

    Adult Works and Your Characters

    What features in a character people find sexy differ so much it is hard to pin down what is arousing art and what isn't. I mean the style of herms drawn with massive cocks and tits looks just weird to me but people get off to that. Same with cub material. When thinking about my character design...
  12. VintageLynx

    Ever feel like your fursona is hotter than you are?

    Junkyards are so cool. I have spent some fun times pushing through mountains of old wrecks with the hope of finding the parts I need for my old car. It's hard to imagine that at one point in time all the cars were brand new and the pride and joy of their owners. Sometimes there was bits of stuff...
  13. VintageLynx

    Ever feel like your fursona is hotter than you are?

    Well Logan looks pretty fit to me too. I have noticed that some furs (mainly on the main site) are looking very unfit and shabby / dirty IRL but have a gallery full of fit and toned characters. It's almost like they have given up with reality and put all their effort into their characters and...
  14. VintageLynx

    What would you do if your SO had a sex change?

    It may be hard/awkward to explain to new people about what has happened to you as a couple. It would look like you were gay when you were not - which may upset some people. I'd initially try to make it work but if it became clear that the changes had made changed to the person I was not happy...
  15. VintageLynx

    Introverts vs Extroverts

    Add me to the list. I very much enjoy meet ups but after a time I feel myself flagging and looking at the outside through the window. Just when everyone else is loosening up with drinking and loud laughing I'm the one saying I'd better be going... Not to sound vain, but people do like me - I'm...
  16. VintageLynx

    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    I would also add that it is a good idea to have a few hobbies / interests on the go - however minor. Having JUST furriness as your hobby can look like obsession and parents get all edgy about that. Also calling it fantasy art makes it easier to explain to older people - having to first explain...
  17. VintageLynx

    Confessions thread

    I think lots of people are better online than irl. I've arranged a few meets (not FA) and some of people who turned up were smelling and weird - yet they seemed fine online.
  18. VintageLynx

    Are you a Shy fur?

    One thing that gets me is that when you are shy, quiet, introverted or whatever, the talky sociable types almost always misread the shy people. It's like they can't get their head around the fact that some people are not comfortable joining in with loud and fast conversation - not that they are...
  19. VintageLynx


    Yiff is there but why do people get so uptight about it? It's not like it's on the Google front page or in the news but the amount of effort people not even in the fandom put into commenting negatively about it is unfathomable to me. I have seen 'normal' porn that has turned my stomach WAY more...
  20. VintageLynx

    Sterotypes of your country

    One thing the British do badly is show enthusiasm when at work or in small group outings / family get togethers. Its like of you let out a whoop of joy or a HELL YEAHH everyone turns around to look and you get a stony gaze of contempt. I kind of envy the US with freely distributed high-fives and...