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  1. Wainard

    Do you know any semi-realistic artists?

    What i mean is anthro furries, with distinctive animal faces, but preserved important humane traits (eye shape, brows, mouth) Shading style is not important. Good examples from me: Attury; IDZANAMI; Caicyo I've lived with this style of furries for ma furry life, but now im left with just 1...
  2. Wainard

    Main Site How to search for user title/quote

    And personal quote
  3. Wainard

    Main Site How to search for user title/quote

    Yesterday i was browsing and looking at stuff, for some reason in incognito mode. Today i remembered how nice an art was, but can't see it again. I, however, remember the user title/personal quote(not nickname) of the author Help please
  4. Wainard

    A thing marked favourite is gone

    I,ve found a cool drawing, but decided to check out the artist later. I've favourited it (it was featured in my favourites listing so i did not miss for sure), but now its gone. Can an artist delete his profile?
  5. Wainard

    Yall heard The Prodigy died

    Ik Keith is the one who died, but everybody i know can admit that its a too huge part of The Prodigy, not an average long-haired drummer. I've found them a year later since i've started listening to music. It took me months to like them, then months to study them and start listning daily. I...
  6. Wainard

    Who else like crazy music?

    Tbh i didnt like boom tap as i liked this. Wish you to get to the heaven, Keith Flint
  7. Wainard

    Looking for an artist

    Found him. OstinLein.
  8. Wainard

    Looking for an artist

    Cant explain this animation properly. A girl with long red hair throws her hat in the air and catches it with her head.
  9. Wainard

    Looking for an artist

    Forgive me for posting it here, i cant find any kind of off-topic forum. This dude(?) is from Russia, digital art/professional, makes animations with stylized characters. As a keyword: he has an animation of a bloke dancing with a stick that's on fire. If you know somebody who fits the...
  10. Wainard

    Better ways to find authors?

    Some don't sign their good artwork, some use insane fonts or abbreviations that are impossible to translate. Our russian google named Yandex can find sites featuring these pictures, but the results list is always made of social site profiles. Is there a better way to find authors?
  11. Wainard

    What was the last album you listened to?

    The Prodigy - No Tourists First i hated it, but not only because it was too far from the road. Mastering is so bad. Many tracks feel like demo versions.
  12. Wainard

    References. What else to pay attention?

    Here am i, in the furry fandom after a year of suffering. Nowhere else i could go at this time. In honor of this event, i've decided to fill a huge gap between blender modeling and a huge 3d course with furry sculpting. It was fun at the beginning, but now i am afraid to go forward. TLDR since...