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  1. LittleBlue

    Swimsuits around the corner!

    Agree with barefootfoof! Get your natural sugars from fruits, your natural good fats/oils from sources like fish and avacado. You can look good on the outside and be unhealthy on the inside, being skinny does not equal healthy, which I found out for myself a few years ago. Swapping more for...
  2. LittleBlue

    Making bunny ears...

    Hey, I thought this would be a good place to ask about making rabbit ears from satin. I've never really made anything like this before and I need it for a playboy bunny costume I'm making... I need it to be on a fairly thin headband, roughly about 11 - 12 inches tall, posable and made of satin...
  3. LittleBlue

    Artists who use markers!

    Thanks everyone ^_^
  4. LittleBlue

    Artists who use markers!

    Calling anyone who uses markers! I really wanna get some markers and I wanna know which ones are better - Prismacolour or Copic? I find that Copic is more expensive on Ebay... but I don't know if they are better. Could anyone help me, please?
  5. LittleBlue

    animals you have not seen as a fursuit? odd choices you have seen?

    That'd be so awesome. I just don't see that suit working out too well, but perhaps you can pull it off!
  6. LittleBlue

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    I see Yak online, he isn't dead! Horray!
  7. LittleBlue

    Excessive usage of colour and font?

    Reading over this thread... it seems like the word "excessive" should just be removed from the rule all together. Note that the rule doesn't say anything about accents.
  8. LittleBlue

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    I hope Yak is okay. I want to know how he is.
  9. LittleBlue

    Taking Headshot Sketch Requests

    Very cute! Thanks so much! <3 *hugs* ^_^
  10. LittleBlue

    First Time Ferret Owner Help

    - Depends on the temprament of each, ferrets can bite really hard and have very sharp teeth. - Ferrets are pretty tough, but I'd be worrying about the ferret hurting your cat. - Nope, but I reccomend getting them desexed as the male is very smelly and the female with die if shes not mated...
  11. LittleBlue

    Taking Headshot Sketch Requests

    Would you mind doing one for me? I've attached a ref ^_^
  12. LittleBlue

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Thats a Boys like Girls song x: If thats not what you're refering to then I'm gonna feel a bit stupid. I hope FA gets back up by the time they've specified. I'm starting to lose faith in these estimations.
  13. LittleBlue

    taking requests! art for you!

    Dude, shes doing this for free, it's not like she owes you or anything. If other things happen to come up in her life and shes unable to do the requests then shes not exactly obligated to do these. If you paid her then fair enough, but these are only requests.
  14. LittleBlue

    This is going too far !

    I don't know about where you live but over here failure to provide food, shelter or medical attention is a chargeable offense. Call the cops or call a shelter/animal care facility like a vet and ask for advice, they should be able to tell you what to do.
  15. LittleBlue

    The Meaning of Life Thread

  16. LittleBlue

    what more can you ask for?

    Okies ^_^ Thank you!
  17. LittleBlue

    Rat People

    Thats really sad. When I was in India I saw a lot of beggars. Sometimes my mother would give them money and other beggars would come and ask her for money if they saw. A lot had missing limbs. My uncle told me what Werevixen had said - they will aputate a body part for sympathy or disfigure...
  18. LittleBlue

    My mate left me T.T

    *hugs* Aww, sorry to hear that. But chin up, you've still got your whole life ahead of you!
  19. LittleBlue

    Who is your favourite Cartoon villain?

    Hahahahaha, just kidding. It's probably these characters: