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  1. Zhael

    Epic or other?

    In my opinion, the furry part is irrelevant. Any story you wish to write should reflect the audience you intent to write toward. For me, personally, I prefer long-form stories with plenty of detail and plot development that can be read in one setting. Episodic novels and stories are...
  2. Zhael

    I'm coming out! :

    At first I was like And then I was like And now I'm like Welcome to the fandom and such. Hope you have fun, and stay away from the trolls, for the love of god.
  3. Zhael


    I used to a whole lot of them as a child, but I gave them up for charity. Now, I have two newer ones: a wolf I got from the Smithsonian and a skunk a friend of mine gave to me for my birthday. I don't sleep without them.
  4. Zhael

    Hiya. :]

    Try information. Information usually helps in these sorts of threads.
  5. Zhael

    any furry runescapers?

    A furry only clan? Dearest me. Thefurrychat is a friend's chat, if that's what you're after. I'm "Yen" on there, so if you ever want to speak, you'll probably see my name there.
  6. Zhael

    becoming an anthropomorph

    Was successful troll successful? -.-
  7. Zhael

    What Are You Listening To?

  8. Zhael

    hey i ish the new guy

    And now we'll never hear from him again.
  9. Zhael

    Anyone still play City of Heroes?

    I haven't played this game in a while. I wanted to get back to it, but I haven't bought a compp that can handle more than RuneScape level graphics, so I'm stuck without it for the time being. Imma try to join soon enough. I only ever played as a defender, though. I like the support role a lot...
  10. Zhael

    can someone help me with a furry related term?

    Oh murr, keep casually telling him about the forums.
  11. Zhael

    I idolize a whore.

    Aight, this is very barely discussion. I admit upfront that I'm whoring y'all out, but it's up for discussion. Basically, most pop takes very little effort anymore. It's all computerized effects thrown it at a whim to autotuned sing-talk. For proof of this, I made THIS. It's a faux-dubstep...
  12. Zhael

    Saints Row 3: Hit people with phallic objects THE THREAD

    So it's Gary's Mod in HD?
  13. Zhael

    Python 2 or 3?

    Everyone says Python is the most powerful language that's still not a pain in the ass for newbies to coding. Before I dive in, I need to know: would I be better to start with 2, and then move to 3 after everything has been ported to it, or just dive into 3, as I won't need EVERYTHING as a...
  14. Zhael

    Terrible dubbing

    I feel they weren't paid to dub videos for children... they were paid to give children something to cringe at 10 years later.
  15. Zhael

    can someone help me with a furry related term?

    ...what? OT: Half the time it's "OMG I'M AROUSED YIFFYIFFMURF" The other half, it's sarcastic. For example: Person 1: -points to fat woman- How would you like that? Person 2: Oh murr. (however, person is a loose term. only a furry would use this sort of phraseology) So, like all things with...
  16. Zhael

    Explain Furry Families.

    Aight, this is how I see it. 13-, families are basically gangs who doesn't vandalize shit and die in gang fights (well, IRL). They're usually all wolves and everyone thinks they can be the alpha. 14+, incestuous buttsex.
  17. Zhael

    World warZ movie

    I have little interest in seeing it. The book was written in such a way that an accurate movie would be scattered and awkward. The book, in and of itself, is fantastic, but I doubt they could do well with it. They'd rely more on the cinematic effects than the story, I feel.
  18. Zhael

    Any song suggestions for guitar covers?

    As boring the song itself is, some of the most fun I've had playing guitar is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqX_1kohoUs The progression and technique are a lot of fun to dick around with, because it's very easy to give it your own flair (as blues is). If you want something based more on...