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  1. IncubusZenith

    Open Chat

    no sorry, i take commissions tho. i just cant afford to work for free.
  2. IncubusZenith

    Open Chat

    Feelin pretty down today, I wanna draw but my brains like "nah ur not good enough dont do that"
  3. IncubusZenith

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    Probably 11-12, I didn't know the exact definition of furry, but I drew my fursonas and stuff
  4. IncubusZenith


    Welcome! Anthro is so fun to draw ; v ; ! Lots of people in this community are super nice, so I'm sure youll hae a great time~
  5. IncubusZenith

    Insert your deviantart/FA accounts here

    hallo Userpage of IncubusZenith -- Fur Affinity [dot] net i try to post stuff
  6. IncubusZenith

    Open Chat

    i got laid off last week and i havent had this much free time in 2 years i wanna art but idk what to draw
  7. IncubusZenith

    your sona`s fears

    running out of food
  8. IncubusZenith

    Open Chat

    tfw u were gunna draw but motivation is fleeting
  9. IncubusZenith

    What accent do you have IRL and is it the same as your sona's?

    I have a Canadian accent, but I feel like my princely wolfsona would have a light british accent LOL
  10. IncubusZenith

    Open Chat

    Oh man good luck! Those are never fun. I just got work to worry about rip
  11. IncubusZenith

    Open Chat

    I'm alright bro. Been a tough week but it's all chill now.
  12. IncubusZenith

    Open Chat

    How yall
  13. IncubusZenith

    Hi everybody! :)

    Welcome!! Nothing wrong with being new to the community :D !
  14. IncubusZenith

    A (not-so serious) PSA

    God I wish I had bread