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  1. Kuuro

    your latest purchase ! :3

    I picked up a couple new effects pedals and a board to chain them all together :)
  2. Kuuro

    any furs in oregon?

    I'm in southern Oregon, Ashland/Medford area. I haven't met many furries down here but I'd be down
  3. Kuuro

    What's the weirdest genre of music that you're into?

    Primus sucks! I actually just saw them live in Bend, OR a couple months ago. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. The second half of the show they did Rush covers and they were super good
  4. Kuuro

    do you build your own pc or buy them?

    Build, hands down. Just me tho, that's not to say buying a prebuilt system is bad. If you're simply interested in gaming on a malleable platform and don't care how it functions, then prebuilds are a great route to take. However if you're a hobbyist it only makes sense to work with the exact...
  5. Kuuro


    When you said pullup bar I thought for a minute I was at risk of getting a DUI :rolleyes: But yea 6 or 7 is right on the money for me, not to be confused with chin-ups which are much easier imo
  6. Kuuro

    Things That You Love v3.0

    I've been on a bit of a car kick lately, I bought a '00 Honda Prelude a while back and messed around with it but it's been sitting for a few years up until recently. I love car mechanics in general but right now JDM stuff is really interesting to learn about. Even the fundamentals of how common...
  7. Kuuro

    Works in Progress!

    hey it's been a while but I've been learning some new drawing techniques... here's the most recent thing I've been working on, Vicar Amelia from Bloodborne. ive done a little bit of shading as well but I'm not quite sure about the look so I only have a preview
  8. Kuuro

    Show me your art!

  9. Kuuro

    Works in Progress!

    I kinda hit a wall with this one, I don't really have any idea how to shade / color fur :confused:And here I experiment with developing a more toony style...
  10. Kuuro

    Things you have regretted purchasing

    I don't really regret anything I've bought, usually there's enough silver lining for me to be happy :| Oh god ok but when I was 17 I bought this piece of shit 4th gen Camaro... I owned it for two years and put some $10,000 into it by the end. And I only drove it for like 6,000 miles that entire...
  11. Kuuro

    What song are you listening to?

    I might have already posted this here but I just can't get enough of this guy
  12. Kuuro

    Shower thoughts

    Hey, yeah, a buddy and I actually talked about time as a spacial dimension like that recently. Actually it's a popular theory that everything in the universe happens all at once, and expanded beings could explore time the same way we explore a room -- but with our simple monkey brains, we're...
  13. Kuuro

    I'm drunk on a Monday morning

    Eyyy that stuff's tasty. Also, whiskey bros, I had some Bulleit tonight \o/
  14. Kuuro

    your latest purchase ! :3

    It's a bit niche so idk if anybody really gives a shit lmao, but I recently ordered a Honda P28 ECU for my Prelude. This is an upgrade (actually technically a downgrade), but I had to buy it if I wanted to drive the car at all. See, the generation of Prelude I own comes with an immobilizer. This...
  15. Kuuro

    Petty Confessions

    ;) If a post of mine is months or even years old and I notice something wrong with phrasing, spelling, (etc), I'll still edit it. I think like 90% of my posts are edited after I publish them
  16. Kuuro

    How do you sleep?

    I've managed to determine my magic well-rested number is 9 hours. But it's pretty rare I get it... I frequently wake up through the night and have a tendency to break any sleep schedule I briefly establish Speaking of, it's almost 5:30am again. Shit.
  17. Kuuro

    Pet Peeves

    A good friend of mine made a new tag for her dog's collar. It reads: "I'm on a adventure, but I went to far!" (Call this number etc. etc.) She was all happy and excited to show me, and honestly I thought the message itself was pretty cute so I didn't say anything. But I couldn't help but...