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  1. Revous

    To NSFW or not to NSFW: That is the Question

    Yeah, I've seen so many furry artists (and not so furry artists) avoid mixing NSFW and real life like the plague. Of course, I understand not everyone can be open with their families and all, but it's indeed fascinating how society can put a weight even on literally fake, cartoon porn pics. I'm...
  2. Revous

    To NSFW or not to NSFW: That is the Question

    As someone that is a (slowly) growing, full time NSFW artist... I can say I LOVE every bit of it! I've always had a very mature understanding and acceptance of human sexuality and fetishes, partly thanks to working 8+ years as a nightlife event producer. In other words, I've lived and seen...
  3. Revous

    Do you think opening an FA account around this year is considered too late?

    Many people say SoFurry/InkBunny is better than FA but I've always found it harder to get attention on those. FA is a bit outdated in many aspects, but it seems the community is easier to reach and be in touch with. Deviantart on it's own is another category entirely, it's almost impossible to...
  4. Revous

    Help getting sales on Gumroad!

    Perhaps market yourself more/post on more sites? And continue practicing and getting better so your skill can attract customers by itself!
  5. Revous

    What does FAF mean to you?

    I come here to read, reply, attempt to not shitpost. I'd also advertise my art and post WIPs but I can't because it's all porn.
  6. Revous

    Do you believe in God, or some similar thing?

    My God is half-Higgs Boson, half-"my whole family is pagan so there's that". So basically, loving/being in awe with the forces of nature and the universe as a whole.
  7. Revous

    So hard to find free artists

    Late to the party, BUT... Art is a luxury good, whether you accept it or not. I double dare anyone who thinks otherwise to pay for a designer bag, restaurant bill or entertainment ticket with a smile. For anyone interested, besides the obvious "artists need money to live" reality check, I...
  8. Revous

    What Do You When You're Sad?

    Either go to bed if it's during the night, or do something productive that makes me feel good (drawing, caring for stray animals, etc). The first option is good because I often get less sleep than I should, and the second is awesome because no matter how miserable I'm feeling, I'm doing...
  9. Revous

    Why are some people quick to give up art?

    Because being good at anything requires loads of practice, but most people are too lazy to properly practice and refine their results. Then there's the two sub-groups, the "my art is good enough but yall don't see it" and the "I've read millions of tutorials online but I need someone to teach...
  10. Revous

    Backgrounds and Environments

    My go to BG of choice is jungle/woods/forest because it usually fits colorful characters palettes without being too busy, but I also love doing interiors. I could draw greenery, trees, clouds, pillows, bedding and small objects for days. Most of my BGs are done after the pose is defined, so I...
  11. Revous

    What is art?

    Besides what people have said above: Art is a luxury good, and as such, both tangible and intangible values are attached to it. Same thing with, say, Haute Couture/high fashion. You might think it's ridiculous but it's a billion dollar industry and designers (technically) can price it...
  12. Revous

    Insomniverse's Stuff

    Oh my, thank you SO much for such an in-depth explanation! I understood everything, you're very good at teaching. As soon as possible I'll do some studies, your technique is amazing and it brings a load of life into any character you draw. If I'm able to develop a technique half as good as...
  13. Revous

    Insomniverse's Stuff

    Thank you ~! I'd like to ask, how do you pick colors? Do you work with a fixed palette or do you pick as you go? Does your color planning happen before (in case of a fixed palette) or do you just start figuring out which looks best during the "blocking in" stage? I'm curious because despite...
  14. Revous

    Things that irk you!

    Furs who don't realize commissions are a luxury good (like any type of art really). I've had to deal with potential clients throwing a hissy fit through notes because I didn't accept to do a full pic for $20.
  15. Revous

    I am not an art artist but a paracord artist :)

    Those are just so lovely and well done! :3
  16. Revous

    Insomniverse's Stuff

    The way you use color is just insanely good, teach me senpai
  17. Revous

    Please rate my art?

    Looks amazing! Keep up the awesome work :3
  18. Revous

    Looking for an artist to get my first commission

    Also try to have a budget in mind! Like the great Leon Wit said above, art is a luxury good, and as such can be pretty expensive. But (usually) higher prices = great art and service! But beware of great artists who do awesome art but terrible service, always look into their customer reviews or...
  19. Revous

    Art Rules?

    Absolutely, academic skillset isn't (by far) the only way to go. I just wanted to provide some insight because not everyone has the means to study art academically, and that is a high-success rate path considering how different art courses use those approaches. However, as much as...
  20. Revous

    Looking to make Connections

    Gonna throw my info here in case anyone wants to befriend a peculiar person. I'm 26, a full-time furry (porn) artist, non-cis male I live in Brazil ("blah third world" is a lie, trust me, it's awesome here) Activites are drawing all day erryday, throwing parties/attending parties, pretending I...