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    Project Wolfen Chapter 1

    Page 1: http://theduckwebcomics.com/Original_Black_Wolf_Dio/5406472/ Last Page: http://theduckwebcomics.com/Original_Black_Wolf_Dio/5446782/ Chapter 2 will be in the works. Thank you for viewing and have a great day. :D
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    Project Wolfen Comic update Page 20

    http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Original_Black_Wolf_Dio/5446288/ Read, Like, Fav, or comment. Thank you for looking at it. :D
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    Project Wolfen Comic update Page 17

    Pg 1: http://theduckwebcomics.com/Origina.....f_Dio/5406472/ Pg 17: http://theduckwebcomics.com/Origina.....f_Dio/5444022/ Project Wolfen © Me:D
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    Fan Art Love in General

    Basically, it's just you showing how much you like a series or character(s) from a series that you like or grown to love. Before you became the "artist/illustrator", you were just someone who followed the series until that one point in life when you picked up a pencil and wanted to draw that...
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    The Duck Webcomics Update - Project Wolfen Comic

    Since the site came back up, I've posted more pages. http://theduckwebcomics.com/Origina.....f_Dio/5406472/ This is a comic that I'm currently working on that is up to 16 pages as of now.
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    Hello to you all

    Fun, I will have
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    Hello to you all

    Keep Posting? Okay, I'll post my comic I'm working on as well some journals from time to time to remain active. :)
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    Hello to you all

    :D thanks, mon! Thought I do a proper introduction here.
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    Webcomic List thread

    What if you have a comic that mixes humans and anthro characters?
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    Hello to you all

    Everyone has their preferences :D
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    Hello to you all

    It's alright. I have a lot of females in my gallery because most people like to see them when I do requests or such. Other than that, not many look at males to often, as it seems. So, I usually do group pics in ways the male character(s) are seen as well. Really sad.
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    Hello to you all

    Must be a real fun place. :)
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    Hello to you all

    Most likely, I will. I probably would guess that there have been a lot of forum arguments of of late due to the "shithole" remark. This is my Kiba by the way: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8730382/
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    Hello to you all

    Oh! Nevermind. I never really watched it to be honest. I just know of it.
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    Hello to you all

    Thanks, and I also have a character named Kiba.
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    Hello to you all

    That's a funny way to put it. I've always wondered. How do you post your "banners" in forums like that?
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    Hello to you all

    Hi there, I'm Project_00_Wolfen, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/project00wolfen/. I've decided to give forums a shot since I spend so much time on FA but not here. I'm a artist that likes to draw a lot of things ranging from humans, furries, androids, etc. as long as something comes across my...
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    My New Commission Prices

    I've took some time and looked at my profile and thought I'd shorten it for the most part. It may seem confusing to people for some reason even though it was a break down. Then again, I planned on changing it anyway for the simplicity of it. Here are the new commission prices: Sketch: $5...