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    Anyone not attracted to humans, and lonely because of it?

    OP gone? He needs the right person to show him 'how things work' as it were. One thing I do know is that if he got close to any lizard he would think twice about having relationships. The strong and pungent smell they have for one thing...
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    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year to you too *raises a toast and wishes everyone good health and happiness for 2010* :).
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    Is it worth getting into gaming?

    Cheers for the thoughts! Abt the older games, anybody remember Road Rash for the Mega Drive? I was addicted to that and my friend who owned the console got more visits than normal from me. Don't suppose Road Rash had been released for a newer system - anyone know? Looking forward to some...
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    I think everyone should have, or have easy access to a pet when they are young. I find that those who hate the idea of pets usually have other issues. It was cats, mice, gerbils, hamsters and budgies for me.
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    Your favourite furry thought

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can relate to what you all said and am glad that a few others have shared moments similar to what I experienced. As for the Toasters comment about not knowing how the fandom works, surely it is what you want it to be?
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    A surge of happiness

    "i have to solve this mystery" No mystery really. It was an odd school, and I was glad to leave it early. There was all sorts going on there and me doing what I did was the least of the problems. Edit to answer "how the fuck do you jerk off when you're 7?" do you really need to ask that?
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    A surge of happiness

    Well, I was only 7 at the time...
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    Your favourite furry thought

    Counts perfectly! And even though it seems that fantasizing is rather frowned on here at FA, I too sit with my cat and enjoy the warmth with her. Her purr and the fireside - I forget what I am sometimes. I think quite a few wish for that - even non-furs.:cool:
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    Does anybody else notice this?

    Well, if I may add something here, in my experience of working with Indians, some are very sensitive to ANY comment that could be offensive, whilst others like nothing better than to have a good laugh about typical Indian stereotypes. I would advise caution and getting to know the person well...
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    A surge of happiness

    It shows how much I trust you lot with secrets 'cause I had a wank in class too:p. It was in drama, and with the lights down I thought I could get away with it. Wrong. Someone spotted me - "urgg - look what (my name) is doing". I said I had an itch down there:rolleyes:, but thankfully the low...
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    Your favourite furry thought

    Saber tooth tiger? I'd better watch out then;)! Well, sadly I am finding less and less free time to join in here (work building up again) so don't worry - the threads will be drying up soon:D. Can't can't accuse me of not being enthusiastic though can you?:-D
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    Your favourite furry thought

    Good question. For me it is something at the root of it, but I imagine for some it is just a thought that they enjoy. Basically something that makes you feel good for thinking it.
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    Your favourite furry thought

    I really don't like the title, but bear with me. Reading through the sticky about what reason do you have for being a fur, it dawned on me that I have one main thought (about furry) and all others are additions to this. I wondered if any of you had a similar thought or moment that you can see...
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    You're into outdoor stuff as well then. Do you find one of the worst things is wet shoes on a cold rainy day? That freezing rain is called sleet I think - usually driven on a northerly or easterly wind. Rain pattering onto the hot pavement/sidewalk is great though. That dusty, earthy smell...
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    Weird,odd, or strange animal encounters.

    I had that with multiple tadpoles - they tickle too. Like piranhas, but in mainature.
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    A surge of happiness

    Thats good Nargle - shame I can't train my cats - they just stare aloofly:rolleyes:. Well, if you are short of positives (as I often am) then try a hot bath (like in my other thread), or my favourite - give someone you know a warm smile:D (and mean it) upon greeting them. Yes, I know its old...
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    Anyone had that situation where even if you are not directly allergic to something, if you take in enough of it the body triggers a reaction? I had that by scything grass and I breathed in so much pollen my lungs closed up in protest.
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    Trolling giveaways

    If you fill a beaker with a saturated solution of trolls (in water suspension), placed said beaker over a bunsen burner and boiled away the contents, you would only be left with a murky stain at the bottom, the main content of that stain being sulphur (73%).
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    Trolling giveaways

    Well, I suppose I'll just have to go for it and risk the trolls. They seem to have upset some members in the past, that is why I ask.
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    A surge of happiness

    Hold onto that feeling!