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    Seeking new commission

    Yes, I AM very very VERY interested, I am up for this!!!! I can do this for $15, special offer from me only! Click the paw to view my gallery, see if ya interested too ;)
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    -$300 USD in debt and counting...need to be commissioned!

    My bank account is in the shitter. I'm currently -$300 USD and counting every day that it isn't paid off. I need help, will you help me please???? Please click the paw to view my FA gallery. I won't disappoint you! COMMISSION PRICES (On Regular 11" x & 7 1/2" paper) $5 black & white...
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    It's been a while...

    Heya furry lovelies, Suisho here. Anyways, I've got nothing to do, been isolated in my house for over two weeks due to my *erhem* skin condition/illness, so I need something to do to keep my mind out of spiraling depression. Just note me here or on FA if ya interested. ;) I'll pretty much do...
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    In Need for Practice or Trades?

    I am Interested!!!!
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    One new NSFW request slot now available!!!

    Okay I want my OC Suisho to be naked, horny, and wet exposing everything while she is poledancing in front of my fiance's OC Takuya while he's jacking off to the lovely sight. Here are the refs. Suisho: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4149901/ Takuya, either anthro or the virtue form (in the...
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    One new NSFW request slot now available!!!

    Oooohhhhh may I request plz?
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    Can I has one of Suisho? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4149901/
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    Taking in requests.

    If ya still open can you draw my fursona Suisho? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4149901/
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    Random request trade derp thing

    May I request my fursona Suisho being drawn just being silly? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4149901/
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    Requests, nyan~?

    Do you wanna draw my fursona, Suisho? Please and thank you^^ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4149901/
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    Taking a few Digital art and maybe even charm requests

    That's ok, take your time, nobody's rushing you ^^ I'll be here if ya still want to do it^^
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    I am DEFINITELY up for this. I want to do your fursona Aurora^^
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    Anyone taking Trades?

    I'm interested^^
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    Need art for my Post Apocalyptic RPG

    I wish you would of told me that before getting my hopes up like that when you sent the note..... :(
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    Story for art trades?

    Sweet, thankxies!
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    Story for art trades?

    Yeah how about me and my fiance's OCs Suisho and Takuya, yiff of course, but here's the idea: they try to conceive their first child but he can't cum and he goes soft a lot, they try EVERYTHING like different positions and sexy lubes and stuff, and finally she does something that makes him go...
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    Can you do me and my fiance's OCs Suisho and Takuya NSFW? Refs in the sig, I prefer me OC being in her anthro suicune form and my fiance's to be either in his Virtue or anthro form.
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    Need art for my Post Apocalyptic RPG

    ooh, I'd be interested^^
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    Watercolor Headshots. 3 Free slots, will take more as trades

    Do my OC Suisho in her anthro suicune form, I guess you can say she's a water cheetah (or leopard, w/e)