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    Members by Species

    Me too! Well, at least 30%, I'm a hybrid.
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    Discussions with minors

    Yeah, giving personal information to strangers on the web is an obvious no no. I knew that since elementary school. Every year, we would have an assembly about Internet safety.
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    Discussions with minors

    I just want to say that I, a fifteen year old, know not to do that. That's all. Not judging younger you.
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    Discussions with minors

    As the furry community, we all know the stereotypes associated with our fandom. People see images of fur-suiters hugging kids, and get the worst possible idea into their heads.
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    Discussions with minors

    You know, I think I was wrong about the whole "13 year olds can protect themselves" thing. It all depends on the wisdom and carefulness of the individual.
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    Discussions with minors

    We are all talking about the same thing, right? Sexually explicit RP with minors?
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    Discussions with minors

    I think the age limit should stay 13, no more no less. Most teens are well educated enough to recognize a predator and report suspicious activity. I sure know that my parents taught me how to protect myself from creeps. In addition to that, I have read a TON of expert verified sex Ed books...
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    Discussions with minors

    I dunno, I'm a minor, and I personally feel that I can handle explicit content.
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    Draw my cow girl, please?

    I need help uploading the image.
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    which animals do you wish were more common in the furry community?

    We need more badgers, weasels, hyenas, hooves animals, primates, small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.
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    Draw my cow girl, please?

    Okay, I did it, but I can't upload the image.
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    Free story requests. Open!

    Can you write a story about my OC going hunting? He is a badger of every badger species, and she doesn't wear clothes. She doesn't use weapons, she just, you know, uses her teeth and claws. She often hunts worms, moles, rodents, birds, rabbits, and even venomous snakes (she is immune to their...
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    Looking for random things to draw

    Could you draw my OC? She looks quite a bit like Honey from Zootopia, but she has European Badger patterned fur, a tuft of curly white hair on her head, and she doesn't wear clothes. Maybe a drawing of her eating worms, please?
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    Seeking Romance RP

    Preferred name: Sophia Pronouns: She/her Character name: Sophia (her last name is Badger) Character species: a mix of American and European badger, with a little bit of honey badger in the mix Character gender: Female Character sexuality: straight Character appearance: kind of like Honey from...
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    Open Chat

    I saw custom heads for as little as 150 dollars, and higher quality ones for $300 to $700.
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    Writing a book: and I need YOU

    Well, my fursona is a badger, because I feel deeply connected with them. When I hear anything about badgers (less so honey badgers, since they are not exactly "true" badgers and everyone knows about them and loves them anyway) I get excited. My love and fascination with badgers ironically...
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    Open Chat

    Anyone know where I can get a high quality, custom-made fursuit head for less than $200?
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    Am I uncreative?

    Everywhere I look, people's OCs have their own distinct personalities and unique story made up by their creator. My OC, however, doesn't even have its own name. She is Sophia, just like me. She is just me as a badger, basically. The only difference between me and her, besides species, is...
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    What to do with fursona?!

    Okay guys, my fursona is a female badger, who is a hybrid of all badger species, but looks pretty much like a European badger. Her full name is Sophia M. Badger. She lives in an underground house somewhere in the Northeastern U.S, where she makes a living off of hunting small animals, eating...
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    Just lookin' for a friend

    Hyena's are less common than say, cats or dogs, but so what? Be whatever you want!