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    New Terms of Service and Submission Agreement Policy

    im half asleap and read up on the new TOS and Submission Agreement. i dont know how late i am with responding to this, but i just had two little things to submit for query. both of witch for the Submission agreement. first, the line "Submissions may not be uploaded with intent to...
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    FA Policy Notice - "Cub" Art

    So the verdict is to keep it? Thats cool, i knew you guys wouldnt let the masses ban our freedoms. *hugs to the FA-ness*
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    Why even bother posting Polls here?

    yah same here, had no idea untill a friend told me that it was probly decided on already, i got here and the poll and topic was locked. majoryly uncool. somthing that effects me i would like to have my own say/defence in.
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    View couner dosent work again?

    Yeah.. I know it was fixed, but now my new submisions have 0 views, but meanwhile theyhave favorites and comments.. so.. just wondering if you guys noticed that kk byez
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    FA Rules Revisions

    So whats the difrence between taking a artistic photo of like a flower or somthing like that and taking a photo of somthing pretty in a game or somthing? just curious because sometimes in games just like in life you can see a sunset that looks pretty and marvelous and all that junk but taking a...
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    Browsing bug.

    uhm, theres only 2 submissions on FA as of right now. and my gallery is gone wtf? EDIT: okay? the submissions are back? confused v_v
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    We believe we have found the problem

    danger will robinson?.. sounds like some idiots hack. i know there is a hack that is for an old version of phpBB (the forums like these) that once happened to my old forums. basicly it gives you some error that sounds retarted like "could not find script "cutslash" in $POST('nigga')" or...
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    Just came across something.

    *sigh* i knew this was gonna happen. Was anyone else experiencing the heavy lag last night when it came up? I think we bombarded it and caused the server to crash... (last i saw therewere 300 people on it. mostlikley upating their gallerys and porting their old ones. thats megs and megs of...
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    HELP! ;__;

    okay.. well now its just dead again.... EDIT: eh. okay nvrmind. seems to just of been back up and now it works fine. ^^;
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    HELP! ;__;

    YAY FA IS BACK UP! but it wont let me login! ;_; i re registered and went to login and then it tells me it cant redirect me to the page because my cookies might be blocked. i tryed clearing my cache and cookies and history and all that fun stuff, restarted firefox, and still it wont let...
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    (Liljon) WHAT?! /endomgwtflolrotlfw4ff13 what... *splode*
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    FA Avatar Sizes

    back a while ago i said 60x60, but now i like 100x100, quite frankly, i dont care what size it is aslong as everyone is forced to have the same size. It looks messy and unorganised if someone has a 100x100 avatar then someone else has like a 20x50 or a 70x70 or somthing. makes it look. bleh...
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    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    heh okay then, those are the only ones ive seen to be a big problem, only one ive seen now that isnt on that list it the GIF pics, aparently theres no maximum thumbnail size limit becauese i saw a GIF's thumbnail that was the pictures actuwal size XD made the persons gallery look huge because...
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    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    i got a few bugs. dunno if anyone knows about them but here they are. 1) when you view a submission, the details tells you you have 0 views. Now i know pics have had views, its not possible for every pic on FA to have 0 views, especialy when they have like 5 favs and 5 comments. 2) i...
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    Good News, Bad News

    My hosets opinion is kill the big bugs asap, then launch and work out the kinks with little layout errors or whatever. I dont think you guys should launch the site with errors such as cirtan pics cant be faved, or the fact that we still can edit our submissions. Stuff like that is big, stupid...