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    What the Heck?

    The way I see it, this has one particular consequence that is bad for the site as a whole. As everyone knows, there's a number of young, reactive artists on the site, and a number of them don't take ANY kind of criticism well. At first. For example, Artist A is 17 years old, and a budding...
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    Photo meme

    The one thing that astonishes me about all this is the sheer lack of impatience on the part of the people crying out against it. It's been said, this'll lose steam, it'll be over soon. OH NO MY WORLD IS DEVOID OF FURRY ARTS FOR 24 HOURS. It's a fun, informative little meme that might actually...
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    Admin Control Panel

    It's common practice on the -chans to turn .rar files into .jpg files to make them easier to upload and harder to detect for those that aren't in the know. It's actually a neat little process. So yes, you can hide shizz in jpegs. Accessing it is a different matter, yes, but the storage can be done.
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    A 'Hugbox' Forum.

    SA's got an E/N board, and it's worked just fine so far.
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    Admin Control Panel

    Man why'd he get banned? The flailing fella was amusing.