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    suggestion example: browse to page 30 macro/micro tame if you find yourself behind in "browsing" a particular "type:" for example lets say your on page 30 of macro/micro tame, their is no good way to go back to that page tomorrow and look for where you left off, besides setting the type again...
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    larger or zoomed thumbnails

    i would love an option for larger thumbnails and i am not saying you need to use more bandwidth or redo all the site's thumbnails i would just be fine with an option for zoomed in double size thumbnail of existing thumbnail image. i believe it can actually save the site bandwidth because if...
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    Image/Thumbnail Problems: thumbnails too small (bandwidth saver fix)

    sometimes i have a problem seeing what is going on in thumbnails, so i click the thumbnail to find out what it was sometimes it is a picture that i wouldn't have bothered to view, and i have my profile set to load full size (think of the wasted bandwidth). but if on mouse over the thumbnail...
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    disable avatars i suggest an option to disable the view of avatars it could increase the speed at which a page loads and save bandwidth. if only a few people turn it on you will save more bandwidth than not having the option at all.