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  1. Z

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Thank you very much, Yak. I actually don't think it looks awkward at all the way you broke it down on a second line, and it fills the role I was talking about perfectly. Layout: Grid layout is pretty darned standard. Anything else gets _really_ awkward and smacks of 'being different for its...
  2. Z

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Can the condescending attitude, please. I don't expect an apology for your first bit of, but kindly don't continue to huff and snoot. Now, as far as minority/majority, the majority of the comments on this thread have to do with additions to the UI, not with things people miss...If anything...
  3. Z

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Try reading what I wrote before making a fool of yourself, eh? And if you don't like the sound of that, it's exactly what you were implying to me, just more clearly worded. A click-link is NOT the same as a mouseover. It takes more time, requires more fine mouse control rather than a broad...
  4. Z

    Want to see mouseover image descriptions?

    Too bad for AJAX. Frankly, thumbnails DON'T communicate quality of art well at all, and there are far too many posts on FA every day to look at them all. Quickly being able to drag the mouse down a line of thumbs I'm unsure of my interest in shows me who posted them...Which gives me some idea...
  5. Z

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    I'm not liking the lack of user icon/creator popups on mouseover from the 'Browse' page today. It's pretty difficult to judge quality from those tiny little thumbnails of the art, so in the past I tend to just mouse over anything I'm unsure of. If I recognize the artist's name and know I like...
  6. Z

    Get a Comic Cameo in Lacunae!

    Zjonni. White rat. 1m75cm. Single large gold rings in left nose and left nostril. Dark-haired, ponytail, fu-manchu style moustache with a sliver-thin goatee. Wears excessive quantities of leather regardless of weather, (Should look entirely freakish in a beach scene) often layered (I.E. Leather...
  7. Z

    The endangered species list

    Saw this message and I know it's a month late, but when I used to have head shape trouble I always searched for skull images. Here's a nice site: http://www.skullsite.co.uk/Thylacine/thylacine.htm