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    15 Minute Speed Paints.

    Can you do one of my furloid zannon.? http://dionn12345678910.deviantart.com/art/Zannon-Koitsu-Another-casual-outfit-408871939
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    I want to practice on your characters~

    Here's mine if your interested. http://dionn12345678910.deviantart.com/art/Zannon-Koitsu-Another-casual-outfit-408871939 yes he's a model.
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    Cann some one draw a image of my furloid Zannon?

    Yes like vocaloid but zannon will come oin 8 languages voicebank when done.
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    Taking requests

    Can you do my furloid (furry voice synthesizer singer) Zannon koitsu? http://dionn12345678910.deviantart.com/art/Zannon-Koitsu-Another-casual-outfit-408871939
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    Cann some one draw a image of my furloid Zannon?

    furloid is a program that uses a persons voice with a model and icon of a furry to sing and dance. If you still dont know please look in the links they better show you what it is.
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    Is Roleplaying Cheating?

    No if your helping someone than its not but remember your boundries and tell them that your in a relations ship if it gets to serious with you in it get or just leave.
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    Cann some one draw a image of my furloid Zannon?

    Ok pretty soon in roughly four months im gonna be relaunching my furloid Zannon Koitsu with 4 vooicebanks English, Spanish, Japanese, and German/ or French. Im currently remaking his model and, hos box art. I have auditioned him to be a english vocaloid and, I just want to be able to spread his...