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  1. J

    Time out messages

    site seems to be down on my side, checked it with isitdown and it is dooooooown.
  2. J

    omfg dont copy that floppy

    oh gawd, cant wait to see this next one, gonna have to take a peek when I get home. but yea, i remember the "be kind, rewind" stickers, when I bought Warzone 2100 from the family video I got my movies from, it had the sticker on the DISC. lolz. aint it amazing how far we're coming in...
  3. J

    omfg dont copy that floppy

    so... chillin' in the business tech lab doing work on HTML, and the teacher mentions this 1992 anti-piracy campaign. she actually has the VHS for it in this class!!!! :O DONT COPY THAT FLOPPY (disc protector)
  4. J

    how did I loose my account :O

    Well... I gotta re-introduce myself, just a music writer from the site, and well... I know I had an account here, cause I posted a few times on a thread bitching about babyfurs basically to show that haters only hate because they have nothing better to do, well erm... I dont get it, told me my...