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    Anyone here play Pretend You're Xyzzy?

    Just wondering because I currently have a game up with a furry cardcast added and it'd be nice to play with some fellow furs. If you wanna play, I'm in the falcon server under the name FreddyFazfuck lol
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    Are you a Shy fur?

    I'm incredibly shy with people I don't know very well. I have very bad social anxiety and I tend to overthink everything so that just leads to me stopping myself from talking to people. :/
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    Children/Teenagers in the furry fandom

    I have no problem with younger furs being in the fandom. As was already stated though, I worry that they may get perved on. This is a wonderful fandom but, as with any, it has its share of perverts. But other than that, I say welcome! The more the merrier!
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    Any cool furry t-shirts?

    http://animaltshirts.eu/ Dunno if it's been said already but this is a good site.
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    What do you call these guys?

    Weiner dog!
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    You know summers finally arrived when....

    When those damn miniscule vampires (mosquitos) come out to bite and when they do, you can't stop itching! D:
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    Hi there =)

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay! :)
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    Reggie the sassy springbok

    Just a small introduction to my fursona, Reggie. He is a springbok! He has been my fursona for quite a while. I'll admit that when i first joined the fandom, i chose a wolf as my fursona, just to fit in. I didnt connect to that character at all. Then one night i came upon a random animal...
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    I'll definitely try to upload some of my art. It's not the best but I'm working on it xD
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    Yay for party hats and cupcakes! Thanks!
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    Fandom Cringe words

    Yes that's true but at the same time that isn't really coming out. That'd just be like "no thank you I'm a vegetarian." But that was just an example anyways. You don't have to come out for something like being furry or for any other aspect of your being.
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    If you saw a fello furry getting picked on or beat up would you help

    I'd probably get my ass kicked in the process but I would at least attempt to help them against the bullies. And that goes for anyone, furry or not.
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    FNaF fandom.

    I for one am a huge fnaf fan. Have been since the very beginning. I love the music that was created by the fans, I love the story, and I love the creepyness of it. I'll admit that the scare factor wears off after you play it for so long but it gets refreshed with each new game and the new...
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    What are your steam usernames, part 2-

    SeirTheWolf is mine
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    Unpopular fursonas

    I haven't seen any other springbok :/ Also we could always use more avians!
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    Wearing a tail

    I don't have a springbok tail but I do have a nice fox tail that I wear all the time. I do occasionally worry about what people think but then I get compliments on it and that makes me relax. Oh and kids tend to freak out when they see a girl with a tail so that's always fun!
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    Do people in your area accept the furry fandom or frown upon it ?

    I'm gonna say it's probably frowned upon, not 100% sure though. I live in a small redneck town so anything that is different is bad.
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    Members by Species

    Springbok here!
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    ~~~~~~~~~~Hai from Georgia!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~

    Hey there :) welcome to the forums! I'm new here too. Not to the fandom but the site lol. Oh and I'm also in Georgia!
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    Fandom Cringe words

    It happens to the best of us :P