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  1. Z

    Fallout 3 is just a copy of BioShock

    Bioshock was basically System Shock Two gameplay with Fallout atmosphere.
  2. Z

    how best to cool a notebook

    Do what my friend did: prop it up on a few dictionaries and point fans at it.
  3. Z

    Wearing a tail in public.

    and to weddings!
  4. Z

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    I'm sure as hell not going to buy a new console for it (don't have ps3 wii or 360), I MIGHT buy it after a pc port is released, but really, they peaked at GTA3 and have gotten worse every one since.
  5. Z

    Wearing a tail in public.

    Weirdest thing I've worn around town is a tie from the 60's (wore it this year). It's kind of marbled looking with just about every color used at least twice. Some people stared, some people said they liked it.
  6. Z

    Would you contribute...

    Not sure what good I'd do, but send me an email and I'll do what I can. brettsnow [at] earthlink [dot] net
  7. Z

    Port Forwarding Problems

    Maybe this will help Port Forwarding Guide for the Actiontec M1000
  8. Z

    Just wondering

    Do what you want to do but keep it to yourself, and respectfully far away from me, and I won't have any complaints.
  9. Z

    any thing funny happened to you lately?

    I've been learning to program in basic the last few years, but decided recently It would be more useful to learn c++, then i decided to learn C# instead. When I told my friend I was learning C Sharp, he asked me, "What the hell is that?", so i told him it's C with the number sign after it. He...
  10. Z

    Let's talk about sleep ;3

    Ever since i was about 11 or 12 years old, I've been to sleep at midnight and up at 6. EDIT: Even on weekends. I seriously CANNOT force myself to sleep in.
  11. Z

    Furries and YIFF

    I do not look at it, do not like it, do not agree with it; but at the same time, I'm not going to try to destroy it and everyone who likes it, I know it would be a useless attempt.
  12. Z

    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    I was raised Christian, but dropped it years ago.
  13. Z

    which is/was you favourite pokemon game?

    Blue version all the way! Still play it from time to time. TV show and card game were almost as enjoyable as an ice water enema though.
  14. Z

    The furry actor game

    A bat John C. McGinley
  15. Z

    The Beatles

    Definitely a good band, but I don't really think they deserved all the fame they got. Not saying that they're bad, just not the best. Anyways, I'd say my favorite song by them is Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.
  16. Z

    Dog Biscuits?

    I had a friend who ate dog biscuits. He wasn't a furry or anything, but would eat anything that stood still if you told him to. He actually liked the red milk bones, but not the green ones. Apparently there actually is some flavor variation.
  17. Z

    New to the site, and to the fandom in general

    Welcome, If I ever give you advice, don't listen to it, it will probably only make things worse.
  18. Z

    Games that made you cry

    The voice acting in Two Worlds was so atrocious that it made me laugh until i cried.
  19. Z

    The furry actor game

    A shrew Michael Biehn
  20. Z

    in my pants game

    1 )Black Dog in my pants 2) Beautiful Girls in my pants 3) Rock And Roll in my pants 4) Baby It's You in my pants 5) Hot Stuff in my pants 6) Beat On The Beat in my pants 7) Pull the String in my pants 8) Twist and Shout in my pants 9) How Deep is Your Love in my pants 10) Have You Ever...