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  1. CoolCoolSkies

    Rescue Kittens Finally Up For Adoption!

    For those who have seen my other post about caring for a rescue litter, all of the kittens are up for adoption! So if you are a fur in LA, and are lookin for a cute kitten to adopt, lemme hook you up! All the kittens are litterbox trained, dewormed, FIV/FeLV negative, and will be fixed at...
  2. CoolCoolSkies

    Help me, I suddenly have many cats

    Righto so, on the 20th, I was walking home from work, and had noticed a cat chilling in a storm drain. Being the cat lover I am, I tried calling it over to me, and surprisingly it came over to me eagerly. So I'm going "holy shit I get to pet a cat today, my week is made." But as I'm petting...
  3. CoolCoolSkies

    Trouble making friends & cat screms

    -sad cat screeching- So I'm originally from Chicago, and I never realized how friendly people were in the Midwest were until moving to LA 2 years ago. I've been trying to make friends ever since. No one in this heckin city wants to talk to people. I've tried friend meeting sites, Meetup.com...
  4. CoolCoolSkies

    Southern California Furry Discord Server!

    Edit: Seems the Discord was deleted. So sorry for that!
  5. CoolCoolSkies

    Species Roll Call

    Heyo! Was thinking of starting a Furry Discord for my area, and wanted to add the roles as what their sona's species are! So out of curiosity for what everyone has, and what other species I can add, THROW EM DOWN.
  6. CoolCoolSkies

    Furry Swag/Merch

    Do you guys wear anything to show off that you're a furry? If so, what is it? Also if you have any pictures, throw em in the comments, I wanna see! I was thinking of making a few things to throw on Etsy, but I'm not sure of where to start. I was thinking buttons and tee-shirts might be nice...
  7. CoolCoolSkies

    Attempted to draw my fursona...

    Have you ever tried your hand either at drawing a fursona or your own, and it just...-insert poop emoji- I went from drawing cats okay to "lord have mercy on this cat lady's soul" So ya, what's your experience, and how did you manage to try again? I kinda lost my steam on it, so I would like...
  8. CoolCoolSkies

    Fursona Badge Commission Sale!

    So about the badge: a printed piece of your character on a custom background and laminated, with a hole punch for a lanyard (which you will also get) The badges will be about 4.5-5 inches. Price: -One character: $25 w/shipping -Two characters: $45 w/shipping Can only ship to those in the US...
  9. CoolCoolSkies

    Furry Swag

    So I plan on getting into making custom shirts and lanyards and things of that sort, mainly for cosplay and fandom things, but I was like "Hey I wonder if any furries would be interested in that" I understand not everyone is okay with being so public about it, what with people being buckets of...
  10. CoolCoolSkies

    Fursona Badges! *New Options!*

    **NEW OPTIONS** Now offering a holographic option (+$3.00) and extra large option (+$10.00)! ALSO FIRST 10 COMMISSIONS GET A FREE SKETCH! The holographic option will add a scattered holographic pattern to the front of your badge, and the extra large option is 10in badges! So about the badge...
  11. CoolCoolSkies

    Your First Fursuit

    This is mainly for those who made their own, and being that I plan on making a dragon cosplay/suit some day soon, I would love to see what I'm in for ahha So ya, show me your first creation! Also, any stories about your creation (what went right, what went wrong) would also be great to hear!
  12. CoolCoolSkies

    Badge Commissions!

    *NOTICE** The badges will be slightly different, they will be outlines in white instead of being a cut out and layered on the background. I thought these would come out a bit different lol So about the badge: a printed piece of your character on a custom background and laminated, with a hole...
  13. CoolCoolSkies

    Hello hello!

    Hi! My name is Cool Cool Skies, though you can call me CC! So I guess this were I do an awkward "about me" so here it goes: I'm an artist, in a very broad sense, since I do a whole lot of things, I'm a cat person, and surprise! I'm not actually a furry haha But I have been enjoying the...