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  1. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Sketchbook: This Minty Dogs art in 2019!

    A Dogs Birthday www.furaffinity.net: A Dogs Birthday by Fuzzle
  2. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    It Feels Hopeless...

    It's not just you, don't worry about it. You want to find the aspect you're strong in and run with it. Don't settle with your art, don't aim for what you can do, always attempt to paint or draw something you cannot do, when you impress yourself with something you created you're going to impress...
  3. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Sketchbook: This Minty Dogs art in 2019!

    So far.. 38 Years www.furaffinity.net: 38 Years by Fuzzle Armin Birb www.furaffinity.net: Armin by Fuzzle Wind and the Sun on a Bun www.furaffinity.net: Wind and the Sun on a Bun by Fuzzle Fire in a Foals Eyes www.furaffinity.net: Fire in a Foals Eyes by Fuzzle How is it 2019 anyway...
  4. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    How do I respond to negative talk about furries?

    The thing furries always do which they shouldn't is try to argue "nah-uh's" overly seriously. It just opens you up to more ridicule. If the furry reputation is ever going to be changed its not going to be through someones argument, it's going to be self evident. Just don't "be" any of the things...
  5. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Is Christianity good or evil?

    I'm a Christian, tell me how good or evil I am. I believe God saved my soul and what I want is others to be saved too. I believe in personal freedom and that the life you live is a choice. God keeps me constantly checking myself to see how I'm doing wrong or if I'm doing right. We do an awful...
  6. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    What was the dumbest thing you were scared of as a kid?

    I have every reason to be terrified of this.
  7. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Give the furry above you an alternate name!

  8. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    After 6 years giving up art, I returned in 2018. This is my year in art.

    Oh yeah you're talking about 38 years that I did after making this thread. I want any depiction I do to feel real, like this is a photograph, not an idealized fantasy but where an alternate reality is grounded in the sense of our real world. If you look at my old art, you'll notice its nothing...
  9. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Exggarated proportions in anthro art

    I only focus on exaggerations which I think break the nature of the characters anatomy. Like enormous feet for example, something I did in my earlier art and something you see a lot of in fursuits.
  10. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    After 6 years giving up art, I returned in 2018. This is my year in art.

    This one was a commission, it seems a lot of people share experiences they can relate too in depictions like this and that's why I like to explore it. Generally art wants to show the height of positivity, the maximum amount of beauty and I have been feeling like showing things we generally hide...
  11. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    After 6 years giving up art, I returned in 2018. This is my year in art.

    Doggo always return fren! Well if you got snacc. I thought you were roasting me at first. Thanks so much for taking all that time to comment on my work :) You know its funny, my parents would make the same comparison with me and Kinkade, don't know why, I guess his commercialized art was...
  12. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    That's it. That's honestly it. I can't hold this back any longer.

    You don't have to buy one, you can make one, which is what I did. You can look into it but it comes down to buying a mannequin head or making a form of some kind, using clay on the head to form the shape of the mask, casting it in silicone, casting the silicone in plaster then slush casting the...
  13. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    I want to be a Gorilla Furry

    I'm the only one that realizes this is a troll?
  14. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Unpopular opinions?

    This isn't an unpopular opinion, its a fact. Also, I eat ramen by draining all the water. I don't want a watery lava soup, I want noodles.
  15. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    My art isn’t even worth $5 dollars :(

    Are people really going around saying this kind of thing? The only thing I've experienced is getting interest, showing them my tier list and then never hearing back. I mean people have to understand that its not easy to produce art for people, its a very time consuming and stressful task...