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  1. FoxZarz

    Last point wins never dies!

  2. FoxZarz

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    That this forum is going to die on January 2023. Boy I'm gonna miss a lot the retro feeling of old forums like this
  3. FoxZarz

    Finally joining the dark side lol

    Hewwo cx
  4. FoxZarz

    Boi thanks for following me cx

    Boi thanks for following me cx
  5. FoxZarz

    So... Hi.

    Welcome to the forums Katz :3 I hope you find some interesting topics and friends over here uwu
  6. FoxZarz


    Welcome Cupcake, I hope you spend a good time in the forums :3
  7. FoxZarz

    Best Rejection Lines...

    U r evil ;-; XD
  8. FoxZarz

    Best Rejection Lines...

    Ouch ;-; that hurt
  9. FoxZarz

    Best Rejection Lines...

    *bites* ((don't worry, ma' teeth aren't very sharp anyways XD))
  10. FoxZarz

    Best Rejection Lines...

    No :3 And do no try to flirt with him :3 I'll bite u :3
  11. FoxZarz

    Best Rejection Lines...

    Yeeeaaah... well... I'm married... sorry, I hope you find someone else :'3
  12. FoxZarz

    Artist new in furry issue

    Welcome to the forums! :'3 i hope you enjoy your time here
  13. FoxZarz

    Hi! The name’s Fur!

    Hello there bud'! And welcome to the forums! ^^
  14. FoxZarz

    New & Nervous [SFW Digital Artist]

    Meh, something like that. I would like to open comissions, I'm in a really really REALLY bad economic situation, sometimes I can't even afford having a breakfast, and making som' art takes me a lot of time since my stuff is made in 3D, i need a beefy computer for my content, but I just can't...
  15. FoxZarz

    New & Nervous [SFW Digital Artist]

    Hi and welcome , Joey! I hope you make some friends over here ^^ I'm also a new artist in Fur Affinity, and personally NSFW stuff is kinda gross to me 90% of the time, so I won't ever create or post anything NSFW neither here or in my FA page. There's a render in my FA page about feets, not...
  16. FoxZarz

    Hi! I'm Llew!

    Hewwo and welcome! ^^
  17. FoxZarz

    Hi, New to the forums-

    Hewwo! :3 welcome to FA Forums!!
  18. FoxZarz

    First time making a lip sync 3D animation (Feedback needed)

    Thanks anyway X'3 I haven't watched a lot of Blender tutorials, actually I almost haven't watched tutorials at all, i like to discovet things by my own. Altough i would recommend doing some stuff that will definitely help u at least a little x3 Use Workbench proccesing engine if you're on...
  19. FoxZarz

    First time making a lip sync 3D animation (Feedback needed)

    X"D I guess so, thx for the feedback buddy
  20. FoxZarz

    First time making a lip sync 3D animation (Feedback needed)

    So, i've done lip sync animations before but with... Minecraft characters, wich didn't haved a complex mouth, and this is my first time trying to do some lip syncing wih a more complex furry model X3 (Character in the video belongs to LGisus on Furaffinity, a Friend of mine) And I'm... just...