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  1. Validuz

    Would being a furry stop me from getting a job?

    Not sure in what kind of city you live in, how narrowminded they are and how big the city is. I can safely say that i'm not an official furry on my facebook etc because it /would/ damage by hiring probability. This city is rather small (with about 35k in the city and 100k in the region in...
  2. Validuz

    Gender-Neutral Names?

    I love Shannon. Awesome name. :D Mmm... Gabriel? (Mostly used for males. But i know several women named that aswell.)
  3. Validuz

    what's the most Nerdy aka 'Loser-y' thing you own?

    This is a hard one since i decorate with this theme. I love the nerd-style. I also love manly stuff so there's a Humidifier. (Cigarr box.) and a liquier cabinett in the middle of all my collectors edition cartons and whatnot. So it's a mix of mature and nerdy things i guess. But the nerdiest...
  4. Validuz

    Favourite fursuiters/fursuits?

    Aye. Huge fan of the Clockwork Creature suits. In the process of ordering one actually. Just love the realistic look. But with a demonic twist on some of them, :> Flurry is also an awesome suiter. and also.. Wait.. There are a ton of awesome suits out there. But the sad fact is that there are...
  5. Validuz

    What are your favorite uncommon furry species?

    Something other than Canines/Felines/Avians. And i it's 'uncommon' in the fandom :V I'd really like to see a badass deer or armadillo of some kind though.
  6. Validuz

    About to start a WWII Comic, Need Help!

    I'm all in for the uniforms and equipment / design of the military and doctorine. (Aside from the extermination -_-) I don't sympathise with Nazi's at all... The whole extermination part was just retarded... -_-
  7. Validuz

    Hi there! C:

    Welcome to the forums Winter. And yeah. This is the place to get in touch with other anthro-artists for sure. Alot of awesome folks here. Got any other intrests to share? :)
  8. Validuz

    Make fun of your own country

    The Swedish chef. (from the Muppets) Portray's our cooking shows quite well.
  9. Validuz

    It's my birthday!

    *Shrugs* Why does it matter if anyone wishes one a happy birthday. One day is not more significant than another. Still fun to be greeted/Congratulated for no reason at all. I aprechiate it nonetheless. If you don't want to spend those four seconds then don't... I don't see the problem.
  10. Validuz

    It's my birthday!

    Thanks. And i don't know any of these people. I've had a few intresting conversations with them, enough to see that theyre good people. But i don't actually know anyone here. Nonetheless. I'm thankfull for their kind words :> And the first bits of information about me.:V "I was born Dec.20th...
  11. Validuz

    It's my birthday!

    Thank you Toshabi. That actually was nice comming from you. I honestly mean it. And the rest of ya'. Thanks for the greets' Much aprechiated :>
  12. Validuz

    About to start a WWII Comic, Need Help!

    Awesome! My fursona is actually a Nazi Experiment with a WW2 centered storyline. I'm quite well-read when it comes to WW2 history and it shall be intresting to see how your comic develops. I'll check your characters over for uniform details. As for proper division locations and dates. I bet...
  13. Validuz

    It's my birthday!

    "What the fuck is ADD." "Nobody likes you when you're 23." Hillarious xD
  14. Validuz

    Screenshots Thread VII: A thread where you post screenshots

    ^ GFX Are for suckers. Gameplay is where the fun is at :>
  15. Validuz

    It's my birthday!

    The party i'm having was foretold by the Mayans. That's what all the fuzz is about. Don't worry. I've alerted the neighbours. :> And thx for the congratulations ya'll :)
  16. Validuz

    Screenshots Thread VII: A thread where you post screenshots

    ^ Ooh? What is that game :o
  17. Validuz

    It's my birthday!

    No. I celebrate that i have survived in this world for yet another year! :>
  18. Validuz

    New Furry Novel by Kenneth Eng

    Not really... I'd do it for 80bucks and a copy of the book. I'm not good by most standards. But i know i could pull off something way better than the current cover.. <.< (And that said, i know that for my skills. 80bucks would be overcharging it like hell. Still saying someone could deff' do it...
  19. Validuz

    Cars Thread

    Seems alot of jeep fans in the fur-fandom. :D And also alot of dem pickups. 'Murica! :V