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  1. CynicalPopcorn

    Looking to Make our Friend a fursona? $400 Budget

    Just want to say that this is super sweet of you guys, please keep us updated on how your friend reacts! He's lucky to have friends like you <3
  2. CynicalPopcorn

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] 5x Emotes (for Discord)

    Thanks for everyone's interest, sorry to those I didn't commission but I have chosen an artist and so I no longer need an artist! Thanks <3 Hey everyone, I'm here to see if any artists would be interested in drawing a set of 5 rather lewd emotes for me of my character Flora? (Refs here...
  3. CynicalPopcorn

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions

    Great artist, final piece turned out pretty damn good. Very friendly and great to work with, would highly recommend.
  4. CynicalPopcorn

    [Closed] [$200 Budget] Curvy Pinup-style Commission

    I'm looking for an artist to draw my anthro-rabbit character in a pinup-style drawing, I'd be after full-colour full body. I'd be after the character drawn in a somewhat curvy/chub style, in lingerie. I'll give better reference for the pose as we open up discussion! My character reference is...
  5. CynicalPopcorn

    (NSFW) Hug Pillow Commission

    I'm looking for a decent artist to commission for a daki (hug pillow) cover of one of my characters. It will be an NSFW commission. My budget is £150 ideally but I can go a bit higher if needed, hard cap of £200. Please respond to this thread or DM me if you're interested, thank you!
  6. CynicalPopcorn

    (NSFW) Another commission...

    Budget: $50 It's a commission of probably nothing more than a bust and parts of another character. But there's a bit of a rough/fetishistic theme to it! Respond here or DM if interested and I'll discuss it in more detail in DMs. Thank you for reading <3
  7. CynicalPopcorn

    NSFW Commission

    I'm after an NSFW commission of a character of mine, would probably only be half-body/bust. Preferably full colour. If you're interested leave a post/send me a private message so we can discuss the details! Budget: $40
  8. CynicalPopcorn

    (Base/YCH) Selling: NSFW YCHes 30+USD

    I guess ask the other person who won too to make sure they're alright with it, and if it's fine then I'll happily buy the slot!
  9. CynicalPopcorn

    (Base/YCH) Selling: NSFW YCHes 30+USD

    Any chance of having futa instead of male, or does it have to be specifically male? I understand if it has to be male only.
  10. CynicalPopcorn

    Thanks for the follow too

    Thanks for the follow too
  11. CynicalPopcorn

    (NSFW) My character (f) x your character

    First thing, my ideal budget is £50 but I may be willing to go a little higher depending on the piece. A hard limit of £80 though. I have a female rabbit character (only have one drawn image of her, however) and I'm interested in having NSFW art drawn of her and a male/futa female character...