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  1. -lola-

    2 Characters Together (1 human, one furry) / $100 Budget / Color / Flexible Deadline

    Re: 2 Characters Together (1 human, one furry) / $100 Budget / Color / Flexible Deadl Please see my FA, Feel free to drop me a pm for more human art. I go from cute cartoon style to realism, how ever semi realism is my "free style".
  2. -lola-

    FA Add Banner,did it help you?

    Lol, I do family orientated work usually. So weddings, portrait, new born, pets.. but these days everyone that can afford a big black camera is selling themselves as a photographer, and online advertisement is not the way to get customers anymore in that field.. to many half arsed photographers...
  3. -lola-

    $300 budget | furry & human | most all styles | late december deadline

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/-lola-/ ;3
  4. -lola-

    +-Cuddles and fluff-+ $12 character ref sheets!

    .Welcome. To the cheap as dirt oc's sheet shop o3o Here you can commission cute oc sheets like these: .what you get. All in color A front view! A partial back view 2 outfits A animal form No bases are used, so they are all unique. I can do males and females. .What can I do. I...
  5. -lola-

    FA Add Banner,did it help you?

    European websites, we have a Craig list for businesses for example. Did some google and facebook adds, no results and they cost an arm and a leg. Actually, google has a company hired to go after un-payed bills.. an even though on my account I still have +4,95 euro this company claims I still...
  6. -lola-

    What do you think of owls?

    I like owls, as long as they don't live in my street =3= Used to have one live in a tree across my house, A pretty big fellow too. He would wake up in the middle of the night and do a good 3 hours of the creepiest ooh-hoo's he could, scaring the living hell out of all the children on my block...
  7. -lola-

    What's the most attractive kind of Anthro?

    Well designed ones for sure, I also find myself liking furs that are away from the mainstream cartoon style [sorry if saying that insults people] or simply unique. It's especially nice if it go's further then taking an animal and popping their head, tail and fur on a human body..
  8. -lola-

    FA Add Banner,did it help you?

    FA Ad Banner,did it help you? I am looking for artists that had a ad banner on FA, did it increase your customer base a lot? I have done some adds here an there an they have never had satisfying results, so I am a bit scared of doing another one :(
  9. -lola-

    Looking For Someone to Draw My Furry, Please!

    I Also ask prices slightly above your wishes, but my art might fit you. More to be added =3=' http://lolalovesyou.com/ ^sorry for the weird code glitch. Can't get it out >:0
  10. -lola-

    The Offical Grey-Fur thread.

    Wow okey, I understand, tailmon is looking for others her age because they will have more in common. for us 20 somethings it´s not that hard to find other 90´s kids to talk about the horrible cartoons and game consoles from our time.. and then mesh them up with the furry lifestyle! We run...
  11. -lola-

    Lola's art shop! Icons, oc design and..ART!

    Tailmons art has been finished, most part of it can be viewed here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11816516/
  12. -lola-

    Lol err, busy. Doing some commissions <3> just finished one I have been on for days!

    Lol err, busy. Doing some commissions <3> just finished one I have been on for days!
  13. -lola-

    Ty, so you found yours then?

    Ty, so you found yours then?
  14. -lola-

    Ty :D

    Ty :D
  15. -lola-


    jhvhgb xvckbluhhh! I forgot this thread LOL -gets shot- Ty everyone! GNARL: I can do pretty much what ever you ask me, but I usually stick around in the more realistic corner :'D
  16. -lola-

    Where do you go to rp?

    Was it only one rp that got outta hand? I am surprised that made them shut down a whole section that is a big part of the fandom... I would almost dare and go and request them to make rpforums.furaffinity.net <__> but it's probably a sensitive topic with the mods :0
  17. -lola-

    Where do you go to rp?

    That does sound like.. A AWESOME RP LOL Weird and sad. RP's always seem to get somewhat adult, but it's always your own choice to rp that way yourself :3
  18. -lola-

    Where do you go to rp?

    Well if there isn't, that is a major Niche in the market. Hmm, if that is the case.. you would almost go out and make one..