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  1. SlyRiolu

    Prepare to Cry

    I know some people watched those lore videos so I wanted to make a game about it. The rules are simple make a backstory for the people who post in this topic. You can have it as short or as goofy as you want.
  2. SlyRiolu


    I don't see what's wrong with them can anyone tell me (except for the fact that most are men in that group that likes a pony show). From what I know My Little Pony's fandom is somewhat of a subcategory to furries since bronies like anthropomorphic ponies.
  3. SlyRiolu

    LF an RP

    I'm up for most things just comment somthing and we'll try to build off of that.
  4. SlyRiolu

    Want Help With Updating

    Been a few months since I started trying to make a new design for my fursona that clicks. I've tried about 4 times throughout that time but this time I want to see if other people know of any other patterns and markings that are used by multiple people if that makes sense.
  5. SlyRiolu


    I've noticed a few things while having a kangaroo as my fursona one, we will usually go for natural colors, two, we have AMAZING taste in species and three, some people just have ears that are different from the original. You have me with these ears, you have Pocari, you have Kenga from Winnie...
  6. SlyRiolu

    Writer Looking for Advice

    I've been writing for one to two years now (most of it was roleplaying) but whenever I sit down, write, and when i'm almost done with the first chapter of a story with a new plot I crash. I'm trying to master writing without thinking too much but there's another problem, I don't know how to end...
  7. SlyRiolu

    I Updated My Fursona

    She was this www.furaffinity.net: Averi by SlyRiolu But her 2.0 is this www.furaffinity.net: Averi 2.0 by SlyRiolu Just a color change and pattern changes. I like it better but I'm just curious if people think what I thought she looked when she was updated. *hint hint* Oh boy don't I love...
  8. SlyRiolu

    Guess What the Person is Like by Thier Sona

    I was inspired by this video here around the one minute mark. I thought it would be funny just to see what people think about the other person when they see their Sona. So let me start it up and show my fursona www.furaffinity.net: Averi by SlyRiolu
  9. SlyRiolu

    Want Help for Fursona Design

    I feel like she's to plain on the back and tail and I don't really want to go the stripe or ring route. So I'm out of ideas can anyone help me? www.furaffinity.net: Averi by SlyRiolu Here's the character.
  10. SlyRiolu

    Roleplay Idea

    What if it was like human propaganda against anthros like, I dunno "Beasts aren't people!" Like a modern rp where humans oppress anthros. I don't know how anthros came into that world since I'm imagining it to be modern. @Steelite well I don't know how to continue building I'll think for a while.
  11. SlyRiolu

    Who's Up for a Roleplay?

    I'm planning to use Averi she's a character I haven't used in a while. www.furaffinity.net: Averi by SlyRiolu I would like to discuss a plot if anyone's willing I can use one of my plots I was planning to use for a story I was writing but I trashed it. Or something like uncanny valley that's a...
  12. SlyRiolu

    Want Help

    I want to recolor this guy. Partly for I don't faintly remind everyone of Tayerr. But the drawing app I use for designing patterns and color schemes doesn't have a paint bucket option. By the way it's Autodesk Sketchbook. Can anyone help me with re-coloring? I don't want my finger to become sore...
  13. SlyRiolu


    I found this original species and I love it! I was thinking of making a fursona out of this species. It seams like this species was made about 6 months ago. I wanted to see what others think of this creature. www.furaffinity.net: Zidling Species Reference [Open Species] by Crisstail
  14. SlyRiolu

    Finally Making a Fursona

    In my about 9 months in the fandom I guess it's time I make a fursona instead of characters (kinda sad that I only have two lol). The reference sheet is W.I.P I commissioned TeruBot on pokefarm for it. There are stripes on his arms, legs, neck, back, and tail. I have this idea for a marking that...
  15. SlyRiolu

    Steampunk Post-Apocalyptic RP?

    Course it's a furry rp since why not? The androids have won the war but a rebellion has broken out against their new rulers.
  16. SlyRiolu

    LF Roleplaying Group (SFW)

    Ive just joined this community. Basically the only time I did somewhat furry roleplays was when I Rped about a comic called Slightly Damned (which is the reason why I am a furry.) it's free (no download) by the way check it out if you like fantasy. Anyways, I'm willing to play all roleplays...