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  1. OddOcculitist

    Spooky: Current Fursona WIP

    So I'm working on my first fursona. Spooky is currently just a working name. He is based off two interest of mine: goth fashion and tarot cards/divination. I always liked greyhounds. There is something about their long snoots that are really pretty cute. I am still fleshing out his design. I'm...
  2. OddOcculitist

    Want to draw again after 4ish years of not

    I have been doodling again and I realized how much I missed drawing. I stopped drawing after high school because my writing major and other school stuff took up most of my time. That and my sister broke my tablet when I went back to school last year. I remember drawing really helped with my...
  3. OddOcculitist

    What ways can I get involved with the communiyy

    i want to get involved more, but my drawing is kind of supar now that I broke my tablet and that I don't really go/can pay to go to conventions. The community here looks small, but I kind of like that Are there any other sites to talk to people who love creating characters and like anthro art...
  4. OddOcculitist

    Hopped on the Zelda Train Very Late

    As a little boy, I owned an N64 and GameCube. I had to say I did enjoy playing video games then, but I don't think it compares as much I do now. The games I remember playing as a kid were Pokemon Snap for the N64 and Smash Bros Melee on GameCube. Never have I played any Zelda games that came out...
  5. OddOcculitist

    Based on My Profile, What Would You Say Fursona Would Be?

    So, I'm kind of new to the furry fandom. I always liked creating characters. I always admired the fandom for its creativity and art. I'm finally stepping my feet in the water. Heck, might even make some new online friends. So, anyway, out of more fun, I was wondering what people would think my...