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  1. Caedman

    Fursuit Construction Tips?

    Fabric.com has a sale on some of their faux fur. Like $10.49 a yard. Lasts til the 26th. Good luck!
  2. Caedman

    The south will rise again! South wants secession.

    Wow. I just checked the petition for Michigan it has over 18,000 signatures. Had no idea so many people wanted to remove themselves from the United States. Will we be called the Fractured States of America?
  3. Caedman

    Name some of your hobbies...

    Reading writing motorcycles hand guns beer making mead making mask building painting chang quan northern long fist Kung fu shorin ryu horror movies cooking Horror movies Computer gaming fursuiting lots more... I have a lot of varied interests. :)
  4. Caedman

    Furries and Weight/Obesity

    Oddly enough, hunger and food insecurity in Mississippi is at 21.8% while the national average is at 16.1%. So what does that mean? Access to cheaper food, as in McDonalds, etc is cheaper and more readily available than healthy, nutritious food. Higher carb counts, lower nutritional value, the...
  5. Caedman

    Tell me about your day

    I'm an RN to BSN student lamenting the fact that I am required to take a Leadership/Management clinical in healthcare when I am an Assistant Department Manager in a Level 2 trauma center. Can anyone say credit for life experience? Nope, not offered. So, here I am. Other than that, I'm...
  6. Caedman

    How long do you stay in fursuit before you take a break?

    I wore a suit for four hours at a teddy bear picnic and had a fantastic time. I took 2 10 minute breaks, but should have taken more. However, near the end I was feeling dizzy and a little Sick to my stomach (dehydrated). A friend was just walking around with a camelback water source. I HAVE...
  7. Caedman

    What Are Your Plans This Halloween?

    I'm handing out candy to the kids, then going up to work dressed in my fursuit to hand out candy to my co-workers. They've all seen the video, now they get to see the real thing.
  8. Caedman

    Constructive critisism: avatar edition!

    I've always wondered about that drippy orange stuff on your avatar (my screen could be showing orange and its really red) And is that a question mark or just a curlicue of smoke? Just wondering. It reminds me of old school animation, very cool
  9. Caedman

    Fursuit ferret furring almost done

    Not sure If it's the lights or cloudy resin (happens sometimes) but the eyes look dull. Have you thought about doing a different style of eyes? Eyes, as someone said, truly makes the character. Handpaws are very nice. Any plan for claws?
  10. Caedman

    An Accurate Portrayal Of Furries (MC Crumbsnatcher)

    Wait a minute... Was that a bacon sandwich in that video? Well then, I guess that makes it all right. Kind if reminded me of a prepubescent Mnm.
  11. Caedman

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    So I take it you're not going... :) Well, that's unfortunate that your experience was so poor. I'm going to meet some of the folks I follow on FA, visit the artist den, dance a bit, perhaps go to some of the panels, meet the special guests, relax and try to enjoy myself. As with most things...
  12. Caedman

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    Friar Don: exactly right pronunciation. Thank you! Bir: that's horrible. Was any of that reported to the con organizers? As for the guy peeing in the water jugs, that's disgusting. I'll have to remember to bring my own Gatorade. Im going to hope that was a one time thing. If the water...
  13. Caedman

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    Thanks. I confused that with "honey booboo" at first, though even saying the name makes me want to cut out my tongue.
  14. Caedman

    Divisions within the fandom

    I went back and looked... yep. Still frightened. But parts of it I couldn't look away. It was like looking at a rather graphic car accident. :) you want to look away.. but can't.
  15. Caedman

    Divisions within the fandom

    I'll be honest and say that video frightened me.
  16. Caedman

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    The odd thing was I responded to all the messages separately. Oh well, I'll know better in the future. Thanks for the tip.
  17. Caedman

    Teddy Bear Hospital and Picnic

    http://youtu.be/rgnCCM1hdJ0 My first fursuit outing. Had a great time, had fun with kids and requests to attend additional functions! My fursuit was created by marshmallowe and she did a wonderful job! The suit looks a little... matted at points, but that's because it rained lightly, and I...
  18. Caedman

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    /FAIL Maybe we can meet up somewhere. This will be my first Furry convention (first of many, I hope!). I have a room at the hotel where the convention is being held. I'll be there with my red-headed handler named Trouble. Yep... he's a fox. :) My fursona's name is Snark. I thought...
  19. Caedman

    Furry Conventions in Michigan?

    So, are you going to Midwest Furfest? It's in IL in November. I'll be there!
  20. Caedman

    Series that left a hole in you once finished them

    Terra Nova... yeah, it was a tired storyline before it really got started, but some of the episodes were excellent. The Dresden Files: I loved this show! Firefly: Beating a dead horse...