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  1. SizeSupporter

    Searching for Macro's

    Its been a while since I have posted on here lol Soo much work and so busy but I have been looking for Female Macros mostly to Roleplay or a sever on Discord/Telegram. To be smothered or smushed under massive Macro paws or pampering them is always fun :3 Likes: Being Dominated Massive Paws...
  2. SizeSupporter

    New Size Related Server!

    A new size Server! Welcome to Endless Heights where we welcome everyone from the Size Community! Let us reach new heights by making an awesome community! Join the Endless Heights Discord Server! This is an 18+ Only Server! 1. No Real life gore (bug/animal crush, self-harm) or under-age...
  3. SizeSupporter

    Welcome to the World of Macro and Micros!

    Remember once you add your Age Species Roles that you want then you can see the entire server! We do this to protect the server from being taken down Again this is an 18+ NSFW Server!
  4. SizeSupporter

    Welcome to the World of Macro and Micros!

    1. No underage Content please! ((Loli and shouta if any will lead to being Banned)) 2. Before you, Join Make sure that you are 18+ this is an NSFW channel! ((No exceptions if you are below the age instant-ban)) 3. Respect others and their boundaries (( if they are not interested...
  5. SizeSupporter

    Tiny Neko Searching for Macro ! (Long term RP) DM Friendly on Discord!

    Been on the Search for a Macro that would like to rp with a fun obedient micro willing to see the Macro happy! Have a little mixed RP of the Macro going through the city to them being normal size and me tiny size Turn Ons: Giant Soft Paws! Soft Vore Footplay/Pawplay Being dominated...
  6. SizeSupporter

    Macro and Tiny Discord - Safe Haven for Giantess, Giants, Macro Furry and etc.

    Hello, Everyone, I own this server and I created as a safe haven for people who love size fetish content or love to roleplay as a: Giantess, Giant, Tiny, Macro Furry and etc! Rules for the Server 1. Be kind to everyone 2. Respect others in this group 3.Please do not bother the Giantess...
  7. SizeSupporter

    Helping Macro's and Tinies Supporting Size Fetish Stuff

    Helping Macro's and Tinies Supporting Size Fetish Stuff