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  1. Black Ice

    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    Not very "new" since its been out of theatres for a while, but I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower this week. Its a really touchy feely (kind of a chick flick) Life of Pi was stunning as well, and so was The Hobbit of course :cool: I also just recently re-watched both Iron Man movies.
  2. Black Ice

    Other furries in your school.

    I never really hung out with anyone in high school (foreveralone) I'm fairly certain that there was a group of furries, though. They were pretty much "losers" though I probably would've gotten along with them and liked them just fine if I had the guts to approach them (yes, you know your life is...
  3. Black Ice

    Earliest anthro/furry-related memories

    I always preferred to play with animal-based toys such as Beanie Babies and other plastic animals instead of Barbie dolls and other stuff like that. Playing with "humans" seemed too mundane, and too *girly* as I was an adamant tomboy through my youth. The most prominent media titles that come...
  4. Black Ice

    The Pokemon Thread

    Every time I say "Ok, no more Pokemon games" they always make a game that looks like its going to blow me away! So time to save up for a 3DS I guess. But is anyone else excited for the new Mystery Dungeon game coming in March?
  5. Black Ice

    The Biggest Loser: Furry Edition

    This sounds like something I might be interested in. I'm having a hard time motivating myself to eat healthier and work out, so I'll give it a shot. Sign me up!
  6. Black Ice

    Thoughts on hunting

    Let's just say legal hunting practices, then. If hunting is no better than industrial meat then why oppose one and not the other? What do you say to farm-raised game animals? Farm animals are raised for the specific purpose of being used by humans for their resources. If you want to look at it...
  7. Black Ice

    Thoughts on hunting

    IMO the only people that should be against hunting are ethical vegetarians.
  8. Black Ice

    Thoughts on hunting

    My family is huge into hunting. We use venison like anyone else might use beef, because its cheaper to buy tags and ammunition and fill our freezer with deer meat than it is to go to a grocery store. We're not struggling for survival or anything like that, but our income is lower than average...
  9. Black Ice

    The Pokemon Thread

    Re: Pokemon Direct 1/8 With the way things have been going for quite some time now, my best guess would be a Hoenn remake. It just makes sense.
  10. Black Ice

    Submitting Traditional Art:: Photograph vs Scanning?

    Thread closed because its in danger of being derailed by Arshes and TealMoon
  11. Black Ice

    Submitting Traditional Art:: Photograph vs Scanning?

    After several pages of bullshit, I finally get the answer I was looking for. Thanks, guys, but I don't know why you had to make it so complicated.
  12. Black Ice

    Hello, Care for a spot of tea?

    But its only Mond- Fuck it, you're right No tea for me, but coffee is dandy.
  13. Black Ice

    Submitting Traditional Art:: Photograph vs Scanning?

    It might just be the way I'm coloring, or the brand of pencils that I'm using. Whenever I scanned anything in colored pencil the lightest colors always get super washed out, leaving only the very darkest. When I tried to correct it in GIMP it didn't seem to do anything at all to fix it.
  14. Black Ice

    So foxes are sluts?

    All the furries suck cock, because all the furies is ghey :V
  15. Black Ice

    Submitting Traditional Art:: Photograph vs Scanning?

    Thank you, but I don't think you and Arshes are getting the point of this thread at all.
  16. Black Ice

    Submitting Traditional Art:: Photograph vs Scanning?

    Oh, you mean this? Because that's the only scanner issue I'm addressing in this thread.
  17. Black Ice

    Submitting Traditional Art:: Photograph vs Scanning?

    I should not have to write "oh yeah guys don't critique this artwork" every time I post something I've drawn for any reason. Hell, I'm not even looking for asspats. I just wanted to show an example of how my scanner has washed out colors in the past. As I already said, I know that a better...